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  1. JenApos

    Help Please! Oncology Infusion or School Nurse?

    The school nurse job with over a $30,000 pay cut plus having to pay about $1000 a month for benefits wasn't going to work for my family. My company now pays my familys benefits which is huge! I ended up transferring within my company to one of our sister hospitals. It is a small hospital closer to home and I'm on a med surg tele floor. They are in the process of opening an infusion center so I have my eye on that and hope to be using my oncology/chemo certification in the near future. In fact my old manager is helping to open it. Anyhow, I did make a change and am now only 10 minutes from work vs the hour I was driving before. Just a different change then I was originally thinking.
  2. Hello Everyone, I need some advice from fellow nurses. I have been a nurse for 4 years. I was on a med surg/onc floor for 3.5 years. I just recently transferred within my hospital organization to a med surg tele floor at one of our sister hospitals closer to home. I cut my commute from 45+ minutes to now 10 minutes from home. My commute is awesome but I am no longer working with with onc patients which is where my passion lies. Since I became a nurse I always wanted to focus on oncology or school nursing. After almost four years of bedside nursing I'm ready for a change. I don't enjoy my job anymore and don't feel a passion for bedside nursing. I feel anxiety about work, we are often out of ratio/short staffed, and lately I dread going. Im at point where I'm going back and fourth on what I should do. School nursing or outpatient oncology/infusion. Both have pros and cons. I have a friend that works for a school district and they have expressed they'd like me to apply. The school nursing con is I would take a huge pay cut, and would be back to commuting. $30,000 less a year. Yikes. But the perks are more time with my kids, being able to get to my sons games, summers off, holidays and weekends off. There is an oncology office that is looking for an infusion RN. Infusion perks: passionate about oncology, no weekends, no nights or holidays, $6 more an hour than what I currently make. Cons: commute, I'd miss most my sons sports activities. (Both of these positions are monday thru friday and both have about 40-60 commute). I'd love to hear input from my oncology/infusion nurses. 1)What do you like/dislike about Ocnology Infusion? 2) Tell me what is a typical day like? 3) Last but not least...what would you do if you were me? Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  3. JenApos

    Applying to Nursing Programs

    Hello Everybody, This is my first year applying to schools...I've applied to 5 and heard back so far on three that I didn't get in. I'm still waiting to hear back from Los Medanos and Modesto. Keeping my fingers crossed! :) My question is how many schools have you applied to? How many times did you apply? I hear so many people trying for years and then there are the lucky students that get in their first year trying. I've applied only at the Junior College Level but have taken calsses to be able to apply at Samuel Merritt. I need one last class (Statistics) to be able to apply there. What are your thoughts on ADN vs. BSN. Samuel Merritt is so expensive!! Do I really want to be in debt that much after college...? In your oprion is that school easier or hrader to get into? Thanks everybody!!
  4. JenApos

    California Training Benefits Program / Unemployment

    On EDD's website there is a place you can enter your contact info and email them a question. They respond via email with an answer to your question. I know it is extremely hard to get through their 800 number. It is ridiculous!! I was previously approved for a training program...I was going to go through a medical assisting program at Heald. Then I decided to withdraw and go for nursing. The requirements were that you were laid off from a job that is no longer in demand and that you were going to be trained in a job that is in demand. ALso, you have to be able to complete the training in one year and not all training/schools are approved. I would say definitely talk to someone at EDD. Good luck!
  5. JenApos

    Chabot College Fall 2011

    I got my letter today...stating I was eligible but not chosen this random selection. I am so bummed! I have two more shcools I'm wiating to hear from but I really wanted Chabot.
  6. JenApos

    Chabot College Fall 2011

    An acquaintance of mine posted on facebook that she received an acceptance letter today from Chabot. I haven't received anything yet...I have been checking my mail eagerly everyday. Maybe tomorrow? Keeping my fingers crossed for all of us! Congrats to those that got in!
  7. JenApos

    Chabot College Fall 2011

    To my knoweledge there is no difference whether you've applied once or 5 times. Everyone goes in the same pool one time only. Thats my understaing at least... This wait is killing me too! I can't believe the date keeps getting pushed back. Ugh!
  8. JenApos

    Ohlone College Fall 2011/Spring2012

    Did your letter say waitlisted on it then? Mine didnt say anything about a waitlist so it looks like no Ohlone for me this year.
  9. JenApos

    Ohlone College Fall 2011/Spring2012

    Let's keep our fingers crossed about Chabot! :)
  10. JenApos

    Ohlone College Fall 2011/Spring2012

    I didnt get in either. I'm guessing I'm not on the waitlist. Did your email say anything about waitlist? Mine didnt...
  11. JenApos

    Los Medanos

    Has anyone applied to Los Medanos RN program? I haven't been able to get a clear answer on when we should hear back...the couple times I've called they told me they didnt know and that everything is with the admissions department. If you have applied there before, how long did it take to get an answer? Thanks!:)
  12. JenApos

    Ohlone College Fall 2011/Spring2012

    I applied to Chabot, Ohlone, Delta, Los Medanos, and will apply to Modesto May 1st. I'm feeling so anxious!! I can't wait to find out already!
  13. JenApos

    Ohlone Lottery 2011

    I'm waiting to hear from both Ohlone and Chabot as well. I'm getting so anxious! I wisk i just knew already! Good luck to you all!
  14. JenApos

    Chabot College Fall 2011

    The last email I got from them said they extended the date and we should hear back arond May 15th. This wait is killing me!! LOL
  15. JenApos

    Ohlone College Fall 2011/Spring2012

    I believe at the orientation they said ten days after the deadline. I did notice the website says 20 days after. I called on friday to clarify and the lady I spoke to said to expect an answer on or around May 1st. Good luck everybody!! I'm curious...those of you that applied to Ohlone, where else did you apply?