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  1. gummibear


    depends what part of oregon. im from portland oregon, which many ppl say is like boise. cost of living is higher. crime is higher. if u go to downtown pdx, lots of homeless ppl. portland is known for being kinda hippy and artsy, and really into supporting local stuff. we are on the up and coming in the culinary scene. we are known for being really bike friendly and just super friendly in general (since i was born and raised here and never lived anywhere else i dont consider us overly friendly, but that's what everyone who moves to portland thinks). portland is gorgeous. there are tons of malls and shopping places. you can be in the city but still drive out to the beach or to the mountains. really, portland is an amazing place. it has everything and you get to experience all four seasons (tho this year the rain and cold is staying longer than usual). as for corvallis, which u mentioned in a previous post, i went down there for school for two years, really country, the biggest thing down there was a Fred Meyer (one stop shopping center for food, clothes, etc...). its close to eugene, which is where Univ. of Oregon is, which is now really well known b/c of the Oregon ducks and there BCS appearance.
  2. gummibear

    New grad know it all

    im a new grad and i look forward to all the feed back i get from more experienced nurses. anything and everything helps. unfortuneatelyl, i have to learn through some experienced nurses riding on me and not reminding me in a gentle manner, but lesson learned for next time. honestly, nurisng is always changing, no one nurse will ever know everything, that even goes for the most experienced nurses... there are some new stuff new grads can educate u on. i just think that nurses need to be open minded and supportive of each other
  3. gummibear


    so what is boise like? i know boise and meridian are really close together. yes, oregon is known for its rain.. but we do get some sunshine too... only in the summer time, lol! legacy does get tons of apps for its residency program, and they actually moved back the date for the pre-screen interview b/c they have too many apps to process... best of luck with ur salem app, crossing my fingers for you!
  4. gummibear

    Im panicking =[

    breathe! i was in ur shoes three yrs ago. i wanted to quit one week into my BSn program. but hang in there. ur psyching urself out. yes, nursing school is much harder work than anyone who is not a nurse major will believe. but u will get thru it. take one day at a time, thats the best u can do b/c if u start overanalyzing and freaking out, bad things will happen. u can do it!!!!!!!
  5. gummibear

    Who pays for your pin?

    the school paid for my pin, (read = i paid for my pin inadeverdently with all the $$ i paid in tuition...)
  6. call them. im sure there is a contact number there. i always call whenever i cant find something b/c its a waste of my time and frustrates me when ii try to find stuff and i cant.
  7. gummibear


    OP, omg, this is soo crazy, such a small world! i have my plane tickets to visit st lukes meridian hospital in mid may. when im down there i will be taking a tour of the hosp and looking at boise to see if it s a good fit for me. as for the oregon ER residency, are u referring to the legacy residency program? what part of idaho are u in, is that where u went to school?
  8. gummibear

    How is it like to work in LTC facility?

    i work at a snf. its hard work and challenging. the pt load is alot b/c technically ur pts arent as "acute" as they are in the hosp, but all these nursing treatments for all the pts really add up and take up alot of time, esp when u take ur time and try to be cautious b/c u want to do a good job. any expereicne is better than no experience. get a job and continue to look for a better job so that in interviews when the manager asks u all these questions to asses ur nursing skills, you have some more relevant and recent stories to go with rather than, "well, when i was a nursing student..."
  9. gummibear


    im from oregon... what hospital did u get the ER job at? jobs are slilm pickings here in OR, i have a job offer for a residency program in idaho... really looking into taking it even though its a 2.5 yr commitment away from my family, but its the best decision for me in the long run
  10. what is the difference btwn all the different iv lines, like picc lines, vs the one in the forearm (just a regular iv?) i dont know, i have no clue...
  11. gummibear

    Shift assessment... really?

    on a side note, when i was in nursing school, there was a pt who had been on the unit for two days before i had worked with him and it was all electronic charting, so that usuallymeans the nurses just look at what the last nurse put down and copy and paste the responses. but being a student, i went thru every single tab, asking the pt the questions regarding BM, etc... and looking at where i should look on the body when doing assessments like the skin... well, when it came to skin assessments, there was a spot that u could put in pre-existing skin stuff, like scars... and this pt had definite scars from previous surgeris, but no one had ever noticed/put it down, so i put it down, and the next day i come on and work with the same pt, i noticed that all the other RNs had copied what i had written... like seriously? u honestly couldn't have missed the scars...
  12. gummibear

    Shift assessment... really?

    im a new nurse, so i still cling on fiercly to all the stuff nursinig school taught me and seriously, doing a quick head to toe doesnt take that long and it covers ur butt in the long run b/c knowing my luck, the time that i skip doing one will be the time that i really should have...
  13. gummibear

    Nursing doesnt define you

    i like to do arts and crafts, beading, organizing, working out, be on all nurses/facebook/perezhilton, reading gossip magazines, watch the nba, watch all these teen drama shows that have no educational value and i jsut feel my brain rotting away, lol.. i also love to cook w/o following directions or recipies b/c i think i do too much precision at work.. i just need some time off for me to just go with it
  14. gummibear

    My Job is Making Me Fat

    ha ha ha.. just started as a nurse and i am trying to be so mindful of mindless snacking and taking good care of myself. its hard cuz i work noc shift so my sleep schedule is all messed up. but also working noc shift, there is less temptations at work b/c days and evening shift eat all the stuff and they never leave any for noc, or it looks 'questionable' and im not about to eat a doughnut that i dont know what happened to it all day... some tricks that i have found to help me keep the munchies at bay... eat din before work (i work 8hr shift, and i have to be at work at 2130, so i eat din w/ my fam first) and brush ur teeth before heading to work. this really helps b/c i am really into clean teeth and cant stand the fact of something sitting/rotting my teeth for 8 hrs, plus, im soo tired when i come home i dont have to brush my teeth again i just have to shower and then snooze. also, dont pack anything 'bad' to eat at work. i have so much temptations at home.. all those chips and cookies in the pantry, so for work, i pack only healthy stuff and never bring money to buy vending machine stuff. also, trying to squeeze in a workout when im not too tired. something is better than nothing, so walking for thirty min on the treadmill beats eating chips in front of the tv for thirty minutes...
  15. gummibear

    do RN residency programs really make a difference?

    thanks all for ur input. i interviewed over the phone for the residency program, mind you, i graduated in may 2010 and applied for this residency position about a month after graduating and i never heard back until now, anyways, i must have done real well on the phone interview b/c the hospital has offered me a full time position and a spot onto the residency program. i am excited about the opportunity b/c at my current position at a snf i was given a week to orient on night shift and i am the only rn working on nights, so it has kind of been a learn as i go process... highly challenging when situations come up that i was never educated or showed what to do during my orientation week. i think just having the ability to work with other RNs so that i can bounce questiosn and ideas off of them. going down to visit the hospital soon to see if we are truly a good match and in the process of applying for the state's license. cant wait to make it official.