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  1. Describe a shift in LTC? Please??

    So, follow up... I've had my first two shifts, my third is tomorrow. I had about 25 patients. The two aides handle clothing, toileting, feeding, but there is almost no interaction between the aides and the nurses. The RN (or LPN) on the wing handles ...
  2. Describe a shift in LTC? Please??

    So a couple of follow up questions and a little bit of explanation. I took a job with a temporary staffing/travel agency, so I won't be a regular employee of the LTC, hence the 2 hr orientation. I've been out of nursing a while (raising kids), live ...
  3. Describe a shift in LTC? Please??

    This is SO incredibly helpful, I can't tell you all how much I appreciate that you've taken the time to share this with me. This will help me so much with making it through my first shifts! (And please, feel free to share any other thoughts!) God ble...
  4. Describe a shift in LTC? Please??

    Thank you!! These are definitely helpful to me! Please, anyone else feel free to chime in :)
  5. Describe a shift in LTC? Please??

    Through various circumstances, I'll be going into a small LTC facility with basically 2 hrs of orientation. I realize that different facilities will be different, but could anyone describe a shift for me? Does this start with report like acute care?...
  6. NCLEX Anxiety

    Here's the link to the tutorial you can download and do. This is exactly the same one that you do before starting the actual NCLEX exam (and yes, it does ask dumb stuff like what color is orange :) ). It's just so you have a chance to see the screen ...
  7. taking the nclex next week!

    For some study and testing tips and a rating of how different resources compare in difficulty to the actual NCLEX-RN, see and
  8. NCLEX Anxiety

    Success2011, a big key to NCLEX is to not worry about the time. Seriously. I agree totally to take your time, it's not about speed. The actual minimum number of questions to answer and be able to pass is 75. You can still pass if you only do 75 quest...
  9. Practice Test before Nclex Rn

    As Keldel said, it's mandatory, but is quite short. You can download and try the exact same tutorial from the Pearson Vue website. I strongly encourage you to do that, that will let you read through the questions and try out the exact NCLEX computer ...
  10. Review of NCLEX-RN Prep books

    DARLENESKY!!!! :clpty::smiley_aa:nmbrn::hpygrp::dancgrp::w00t: I am SO HAPPY for you!!! I knew you could do it!!!! Answered prayers!!!! Thank you so much for letting me know, I was hoping to hear how it went!! God bless!!!
  11. Has anyone graduated from Aspen University RN-MSN?

    Hi JLO, I'm looking at WGU's RN to BSN program right now. I'm not sure what your situation is, but you mention you have no nursing experience. WGU has several programs, programs for already licensed RN's are the RN to BSN, RN to MSN. The pre-licensur...
  12. Review of NCLEX-RN Prep books

    You can totally do this!!!
  13. Anyone over 50 recently hired?

    Honestly, I'm hoping that there are some jobs :). My situation is a bit odd, I have an ASN, graduated 27 yrs ago, worked FT for 7 yrs in a variety of settings (college health service, med-surg floor, neuro briefly, OR, Medicare peer review office). ...
  14. Review of NCLEX-RN Prep books

    Darlenesky, have you taken your NCLEX? How did it go? I've been praying for you!
  15. How old is too old to do this?

    Oh, Calzo, if you hate nursing (and I certainly hate many aspects of it myself), you really may want to consider doing something else entirely! It is totally NOT too late to do that. There are so many online possibilities that you can work at your ow...