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  1. reggaemuffin

    Non practicing NP to DNP

    The DNP is not a clinical degree- the clinicals are project that you do during your program. You don't have to be an NP to do a DNP program. i will point out that if you want to re certify as an NP you have to work a certain number hours as a NP in your speciality environment. It's quite a lot so you may want to look it up if you plan to stay certified.
  2. reggaemuffin

    nurse practitioners

    APRN is advanced practice RN- it's the broad classification for ARNPs, CNM, CRNA and sometimes CNS- depending on the state. ARNP -> nurse practitioner
  3. reggaemuffin

    Question for Day Shift Nurses Who Own a Dog

    So you didn't walk your dogs in the morning Hen kept them in crates while you were gone 14 hours ? I think it's bad enough to leave your dogs alone for 14 hours but it's even worse to leave them in crates all day with no access to water. As many people have mentioned, there are so many options these days so I cannot understand why anyone would do that to their dog. Just because it's "possible" doesn't mean that it isn't a horrible plan.
  4. reggaemuffin

    Question for Day Shift Nurses Who Own a Dog

    Doggie daycare is nowhere near as expensive as child care. A lot of dog daycares will let you drop dogs off early or alternate with drop off/pick up with your husband. Unfortunately when you want to have a dog and be a good owner (which you seem to be) it does cost money and sacrifice.
  5. reggaemuffin

    My career plan feels shaky

    Okay a couple of things that pop out here to me. CRNA and NP are two completely different degrees and professions. DNP is non clinical degree called-doctorate of nursing practice - it is not only for NPs. Although many NP programs are eliminating their MS programs in preparation for mandate (that may or may never come to frutition) that DNP is new entry level requirement. I think before you decide that you want to go to NP school as soon as possible after graduating you need to do some research. I would also recommend getting some RN experience so you can see what you like/don't like. I also personally don't think new RN grads are fit to be independent provider. You mentioned not wanting to go to medical school due to length of time for completion. CRNA schools require at least two years of specific RN experience as do most (reputable ) NP programs. Also I believe (not positive) CRNA programs are currently switching over to the DNP format which will add years to your program. Please dont choose your profession on salary-there's so much more to advance practice nursing. Also If you aren't an LPN you shouldn't have those credentials in your screename- people give blood, sweat and tears for the right to have that degree! Good luck to you!
  6. reggaemuffin

    TPAPN, changing jobs, help please

    No worries, I often need to remind myself how great I have it compared to others :)
  7. reggaemuffin

    TPAPN, changing jobs, help please

    I would think very hard before changing jobs- -and I certainly would not quit till I had another job lined up. Also many job offers fall through once they find out your in monitoring program or once HR gets involved. I know you are bummed to be out of your desired speciality- but I see many many nurses on here that can't get hired into any nursing job. They are forced to work menial jobs for fraction of the paycheck. I think some perspective here may change your mindset.
  8. reggaemuffin

    Is the Grass Really Greener on the CNP side?

    I like being a clinician. It has nothing to do with schedule or holidays. I dig assessing patients, developing treatment plans, ordering and interpreting my own labs/ diagnostic testing. I couldn't do any of that as an RN. I also make triple what I made as a nurse. That's why I went back to school. But if that doesn't appeal to you then don't do it. Seems pretty simple to me.
  9. reggaemuffin

    Is the Grass Really Greener on the CNP side?

    Why is that ? I hated being a bedside nurse- I wasn't strong enough to do the physical labor, and I disliked all the menial tasks. I do none of these as an NP. I'm very happy with my position. Just curious about your theory.
  10. reggaemuffin

    Dermatology for PNP?

    Agree with PP- you may have a very hard time finding a pediatrics only derm practice.
  11. reggaemuffin

    I am not proud of my track record.

    Maybe this is off topic but If my mom had put her credibility on the line to help get me a job, you better believe I would bust my a$$ to make her proud. You were representing your mother's reputation at that institution. Aside from everything else, this blows my mind. So along with therapy and everything else, you owe your mother a sincere apology in my opinion.
  12. reggaemuffin

    New NP: Nervous, need resources and advice!

    It's appropriate to generally start with hctz or chlorthalidone as primary treatment to start. ALLHAT trial showed us that they are remarkable effective for BP control and much better at preventing CVD when compared to other medications. Plus they are incredibly inexpensive. But I would say OP when you are in practice you should use critical thinking as opposed to copying what other providers do. A scarily high number of them ignore the current research and go rogue.
  13. reggaemuffin

    New NP: Nervous, need resources and advice!

    That's rich coming from you. I believe you once posted that NP programs are great for poor students who struggle with academics and wouldn't hack it in medical school. I'm sure that does wonders for our reputation.
  14. reggaemuffin

    New NP: Nervous, need resources and advice!

    Agree with TraumaRUs you need to get on uptodate now and start looking up common disease processes that you will see. Ace wouldn't typically be first choice for primary hypertension- usually hctz or chlorthalidone. Ask another provider for a list of commonly seen diagnoses and start looking up treatment protocols.