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carterlee specializes in Peds.

Daughter, sister, wife, mom, aunt, friend and grandmother. Went to public school then catholic school and colleges. Worked as office manager, was AF, worked at Toys R Us, David's Bridal, Store manager, ran my own business doing daycare and became an LPN. In the mean time I have been married to the same awesome man for going on 35yrs. Raised six children just added grandchildren six and seven to the list and now trying to get my RN on line.

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  1. carterlee

    Why I love my job

    Enjoyed reading your story and all the comments. I have not been a nurse long and it is my second career after raising a family of six kids, but I love what I do. I work with children and nothing is more rewarding then a sound, a smile or just a healthy child.
  2. carterlee

    How much trouble am I ? Scale: 1 to super fired

    Sounds like the place needs all the help it can get and that they cant afford to fire nurses, with that being said find a new job before you start to sound like the rest of them. Believe me in a negative environment everyone starts to pick up the Ba Humbug attitude. You will too! Move on.
  3. carterlee

    The difference between ADNs and BSNs

    You left us all with a lot of info, but you are 100% correct! On going education is important as things keep changing and evolving. New finding happen all the time. I am an LPN working and studying for my BSN. Its not easy, but important to me. Thanks for the insight.
  4. carterlee

    I'm so nervous!

    You have to recover from your surgery and that takes some time and weeks before you have much choice on what you eat. Start with sugar free pudding first it will give you the biggest boost! Had the surgery two years ago and have had some problems. You'll need to eat little amounts all evening and that the hard part at first because it will be months before you register hunger pains. Good luck!
  5. carterlee

    Up half the night helping diabetic with diet diary

    As a diabetic, nurse, educator & mom. There are very few things in life we can control. For a person with diabetes food is something that we can control. So yes I think some diabetics become OCD about food it's their one thing in this whole picture that we have control over. Also depending on age, life style etc... If they are retired they may not have anything else in their lives to focus on. So I am less concerned about the patient who grabs ahold of life and charges forward as I am about the ones who see this as a death sentence and be come depressed and feel that life is over. This is a great field to work in and you can make a great difference in someone's life by helping them come to terms with diabetes and how to proceed.
  6. carterlee

    New Information for ATI Comprehensive Predictor 2010

  7. I second the use of Saunders as it is broken down into the areas you will cover area by area give u a review practice questions on that subject matter and tell you what is the correct answer and why. Better lay out then other books and if you have trouble understanding a area in your nursing book u may better understand the explanation in the Saunder's book. Not all of us learn the same way and having different sources may help u.