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  1. Little Sleeper

    Sleep Disorder/Narcolepsy

    i meant to write choose, but I am not sure how to edit after posting...
  2. Little Sleeper

    12hr Shifts Vs. Narcolepsy

    Hello: I am just curious if it is possible for nurses suffering from narcolepsy to work 12hr day/night shifts - with careful administration of one's medication. Keep in mind I am living up North and the times for daylight are much different than when I lived in the south...
  3. Little Sleeper

    Sleep Disorder/Narcolepsy

    Hi ladies, It is nice to see that so many others have had the same struggles and yet still chose nursing. I am a Canadian RN and was fortunate to go to a school where they were more than accommodating. I began work last spring and after a brief doctors note my schedule was arranged from day/night 12hr rotations to all days. I have recently accepted a job up north - and did not inform my manager until i'd arrived. The questions she asked were vague in the interview and I responded yes when asked... "can you work 12 hr shifts?" because I have been working 12hr shifts for over the past year. I know she was most likely referring to day/night shifts but I did not divulge any medical information up front (because I do not think it is required). When I arrived this woman was less than pleased - and in her defense I can completely understand how this may have taken her off guard. After reviewing the schedule and taking into consideration the incredibly different hours of day light up north I am thinking taking on this new schedule and working day/and nights with space in between is manageable. It is only one year and I really want this job (it is an amazing experience). Do any of you work day/night 12's and how does it work for you?! I just want some thoughts on shift work. Thanks!