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  1. UNF Fall 2011 RPL Applicants

    http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100000663505092 here is mine. let me know when it gets put up. thx! my name is C.K. Ryan
  2. UNF Fall 2011 RPL Applicants

    21 is what I saw on something.. maybe an email or something
  3. UNF Fall 2011 RPL Applicants

    You would have been the same room pre-interview. I really didn't get to meet anyone that wasn't in group 4. But I guess we will meet soon. I have decided to go to UNF. I was they guy in the maroon shirt and tie. (the only guy in the room withou...
  4. UNF Fall 2011 RPL Applicants

    Where any of y'all in the 830 interview in group 4? Just wondering if I met any of yall at the interview.
  5. UNF Fall 2011 RPL Applicants

    I do live in Jacksonville. My letter only had to come across town, thank goodness. I don't know if I could have taken it another day.
  6. UNF Fall 2011 RPL Applicants

    My app status hadn't changed yesterday but it has today and I just got my acceptance letter. I am still on the fence a bit though. I was accepted to JU also and I am having a little trouble deciding. I have a week or so but I think its gonna be UN...
  7. applying to BSN program in Jacksonville, FL

    I was accepted to JU's fall program. I am interviewing this friday at UNF. I still havent decided a favorite. If I am fortunate enough to get into both I will have to weigh some options. Thanks for the input on interviews.
  8. applying to BSN program in Jacksonville, FL

    thanks for your input. I am really excited. I have been working really hard for the last year to make this happen. I just really hope I can get into a program. Congrats to you for your acceptance. Hope I see you around in the fall.
  9. I am applying to JU and UNF's BSN program for fall 2011. Just wondering if anyone has any interview advice based on experience.