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NurseAeja specializes in Compassion, ears to listen;).

Hello ppl im a nursing student in the Tampa Bay area with a passion for helping others. A little about me is, I have a son, and will soon be working on my LPN. I really enjoy helping others, and love the challenges the nursing field offers!

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  1. Hello everyone, I know it's early but wanted to see if anyone is applying to St. Petersburg College(SPC) LPN to RN program for Spring 2022? I'm currently lpn at John's Hopkins and wanting to enter our Critical Care Residency upon graduation. I will be doing Statistics in Fall and have Microbiology left. There's a big chance I won't get in with these classes left but I've been encouraged to apply anyway. The transitional program has less applicants so maybe that will work in my favor. However, it just depends on the applicant pool. I want to get As in Micro and Stats which is why I'm not taking together. I'd love to chat with other LPNs that are on this same journey. Good luck to everyone. Also, if you took Micro and Stats together how did you do? Did you work during that semester. Again thanks and good luck to all xoxo
  2. NurseAeja

    Anyone from Galen College of Nursing in Tampa Area

    This is such great information! LynnMarie I wonder if we will be getting clinical information at orientation? I really want Bayfront. I heard ***** treats nursing students poorly(heard from previous Galen students) But i'm so excited! Just can't wait to start;)
  3. NurseAeja

    Best PCT Units?

    Hello there! I'm actually a sitter at Bayfront, and im also starting Galen PN program next month. My prefrence is 5s(Trauma) at Bayfront. I float to diffrent floors, but 5s is by far the best to me. All the nurses there are friendly, and willing to help with anything. I also see A LOT! And this will help me when I start nursing school! Plus i'm hoping to do some clinicals there so this will put me ahead a little bit! However, my ultimate goal after graduation is babies;) So I really want to work L&D, Mother Baby, or Pediatrics! Hope this helps you. Good Luck! But out of your choices given, I do like working PCU(kinda boring though), havent worked tele too much.
  4. NurseAeja

    Galen August 2011

    MMA7, that's great that your looking into nursing..plenty of jobs down here! Well, my experience at Galen has been good so far. I didn't have to take the Pax exam due to my ACT scores, but a friend of mines got in with a 99! She was accepted as an alternate, but was fully accepted two weeks later. My admission rep. was OK, I could tell it was about money for her though. But my finacial planning advisor was great! She explained everything to me, and made sure I utilized all the free money I cld(in my best interest). Ummm...I loved the campus...and at my job Galen nurses have a great reputation, and seem to be more advance than the other schools out here(imo) The only downfall to me is Galen's pricetag. This is a very expensive school, so do your research if you decide to attend that school, but other than that I love it so far!!
  5. NurseAeja

    Galen August 2011

    Well right now i'm a sitter at Bayfront, but after our first semester(or after my CNA certification) I want to move up as a tech. Right now i'm working full-time, but when classes start my manager and I agreed for me to only work weekends. Bayfront is a teaching Hospital and even tho I sit I learn SO much! Plus I have a 4 month old son so I MUST work! lol... I got my invite to Orientation last week, but mines said July 28th 1pm-4pm. SO EXCITED!! I will also give you my e-mail, and do you live nearby?? I really need ppl to study with bc that seems to always work for me in the past! But congrats on your acceptence I look forward to meeting you! Lampley.Aeja@gmail.com
  6. NurseAeja

    Galen August 2011

    I also will be starting at Galen August 2011!! YAYYYyy;) I'm soooo nervous, but also very excited and ready to learn nursing. I will be doing the day-LPN program. Which are you guys doing? Are you two currently working in a healthcare setting? Right now i'm at Bayfront but I want to work over at All Children's when i'm done with RN! Best of luck to you guys, and I cant wait to see you on orientation!
  7. If I may ask, do you know how much the Tech's make? I actually volunteer their.
  8. NurseAeja


    I'm praying for you sister. I encourage you to go to the gov. website and fill out forms to receive free/reduced healthcare, foodstamps, support! We all need it, and nobody is to good for it. I needed help at one point in my life. I'm happy to hear that you will be seeing a therapist this will give you an outlet to talk to. I would also recommend writing down your feelings just like your doing now, and put them in a box. This really helped me a lot. And its ok to cry! Your a nurse, but first your human(and you too have a heart) Please don't do anything you might regret. My grandma always said "Where there's a shadow, best believe light is nearby"! Good luck to you sister, and feel free to email me whenever...this website is for us to help/encourage each other, so thats what I plan to do. I can be a hear to listen, or a shoulder to cry! E-MAIL: lampley.aeja@gmail.com
  9. NurseAeja

    ALL Children's Hospital St Pete, FL RN residency program NICU??

    Do ACH still hire Picu techs, and is that basically aq cna? thanks. I hope nursing is working out for ya!
  10. NurseAeja

    SPC fall 2011 nursing program

    Oh, eemarie sorry I didn't answer your location question..lol. There located on Roosevelt, which is not far from Gandy. There phone # is 727-577-1497, or visit www.Galencollege.edu haha, sorry just realized that. Oh, yea and the pax exam may seem hard, but they accept REALLY low scores. I would still study but since you been in school you should hv nothing to worry about. I think the test is to just see if ppl can read bc some ppl I know have really low scores and get in. I guess they just need to fill in slots.
  11. NurseAeja

    SPC fall 2011 nursing program

    emmarie, I think it would be best to go up there and speak to a representitive of Galen. There they can tell you everything you need to know, and you go for a tour!(and I think you would love the campus) There are still slots available from what I was told earlier this week, but you might want to act fast on it. Do your research tho, and make an informed decision. I just say that b/c Galen is not cheap. And yes, i'm very motivated and like so many other SPC student I didn't wear a 4.0 GPA, so that means I need my LPN. I would really hate to stay at SPC reapply, and then get rejected again! By that time I can be a PN, and then go straight into the bridge program. Good luck, and feel free to let me know if you need help w/ anything;)
  12. NurseAeja

    SPC fall 2011 nursing program

    Emmarie, what I would do in your case is retake some subsitute classes. Ex. if you took Western Humanities and got a "B", then take World Religions, or Intro. to Philosophy and get that "A". The same goes for Ethics. Just take healcare ethics, and get an "A", if you got a B in the class previously. This should give you some extra weight on your GPA. Another option I would suggest is getting your LPN. This is what I plan to do. I don't have the time to sit around and wait on SPC. I' getting my LPN at Galen, and plan to quicklt transfer over to SPC bridge program. It's kinda pricey, but I get tuition reimbersment at Bayfront and will have a good paying job at this one nursing home I plan to work. ($23/hr) Not bad of a job while i'm completing my RN program. This option may not be best for everyone, but for me I have a son and he needs support. Galen PN program is only a yr long, and even though my current job at Bayfront dnt hire PN's I can still work as a tech, utilize my PN skills and make $19/hr( if I dnt get in at the nursing home) But I encourge you guys to a least consider a LPN program. Galen is still accepting applications for Aug. 15, 2011 start date. Just take the Pax-exam, and you cld get accepted on the spot! Good luck to you all. I really want to be a nurse, and if paying Galen is the way to it I will!(oh, also the VA/ Pinellas county Jail will back some of your loans)