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  1. Sorry to ask here, but my son was delivered via C-Section. During the delivery they had 16 pop offs of the vacuum device used. Ended up needing 4 people to help push him out. Is there a set standard for how many are allowed? His head is bruised up ( ...
  2. I am trying to figure out what nursing school to attend for my lpn classes. I have narrowed it down to 2, Felbry college and the Columbus school for practical nursing. The latter has beena round for years and when i was a nurses aid i worked with som...
  3. Finacial aid sources

    Funny thing about scholarships for nursing. All the ones i can find are mainly for women, at least in ohio.Maybe i am not looking in the right places lol. Lot also seem to be for ecent HS grads of course which iam not. Just keep plugging away i guess
  4. Finacial aid sources

    Anyone have any good finacial aid rsoruces other than the typical gover ment loands and pell grant? Looking to start lpn school and need some hlep with he money aspect. Thanks for anyhting you can direct me to
  5. Anyone know anything about Felbry college in columbus. It has a 1 year program for lpns. Also thinking of columbus state which is a bit longer amost 2 years i think. Also was diagnosed with meniers(vestibular disorder) a couple of years ago, and for ...