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  1. Here are 14 questions you must ask yourself or any test preparation company before you purchase any NCLEX test preparation study guide. Use the following criteria before selecting a test preparation company, test preparation class, seminar company, b...
  2. Kaplan University offers a broad selection of programs that focus on the career goals of working adults from a variety or professional disciplines. Emphasis is on real-world knowledge and skill development, and Kaplan University offers programs desig...
  3. Transcultural nursing

    Transcultural nursing doesn’t really imply that you are required to know everything about every cultures or cultural groups to work with. However, it does mean that you should be aware about necessary factors such as person’s country of origin, his m...
  4. The science behind forensic nursing

    Solving crimesrelating to the application of series of systematic approach to come up with questions from crime and use it for proceedings. There is a trial or tentative cut; the characteristic of self infliction is repetition; the usual site is thro...
  5. Critical care nursing

    Critical care nursing is described as the care of seriously ill clients from point of injury or illness until discharge from intensive care. It deals with human responses to life threatening problems such as trauma or major surgery. There are compreh...
  6. Secret formula to your nclex

    Knock out the stupid answers. Many multiple choice questions on the NCLEX have at least one wild-card answer that looks nothing like any of the others and couldn't be right in a hundred years. Anyone that's a bit familiar with the content of the exam...
  7. Every challenge you face, whether it's a nuclear physics exam or the one hundred meter final at the Olympic Games, is a test of what's in your head. An exam will test both the knowledge and skill that you hold, and your ability to get that knowledge ...