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  1. GS pay level

    Your welcome, it's not me it's the hubby, but I'll let him know my fellow nurse thanked him for his service.
  2. GS pay level

    Wow you're on this site quiet often. Just browsed through some of your response to questions/discussions, you are a wealth of knowledge. Keep up the great work.
  3. GS pay level

    Currently I'm in Japan with US Marine corps so I believe it's considered us territories.
  4. GS pay level

    Hi GitanoRN, Thank you for your prompt response. I greatly appreciate it.
  5. GS pay level

    Hi, does anyone know what the GS pay level and step would be for an RN with BSN and over 3.5yrs of experience? I've been offered a GS 9 position, however I have not gone in to speak with anyone face to face yet. I was also told by an employee there t...
  6. Hi i'm a behavioral health nurse with 2yrs of experience. My husband and I found out that we're being deployed to Okinawa Japan for 3yrs. I was wondering what is the salary difference. Also how is the job market there especially post earthquake. We h...