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  1. kristyf

    LPN pay for new grads

    Wow thats a big difference!! Do most nursing homes pay better than a hospital?
  2. kristyf

    LPN to RN

    I will complete LPN school soon and was interested in the quickest, cheapest way to get my RN. I'm in Louisiana. Please help!!
  3. I am in lpn school and wondering where in my area offers the best pay and benefits for me when I graduate. I live in Hammond, Louisiana, but will commute to New Orleans, Covington, or Baton Rouge. What sort of company? what facility? what field?
  4. kristyf

    LPN hospital positions

    What is LTAC like promise???
  5. kristyf

    LPN pay for new grads

    I have a few months of school left but I am wondering if anyone knows the starting pay for new grads. I live in Hammond, but will commute anywheres from new oreleans, baton rouge, and covington. I am looking for best pay. Is there a specific specialty or place that offers more that a new lpn grad could apply to?
  6. kristyf

    Beginning RN Salary in Louisiana

    this is for rn correct? do u know lpn?
  7. kristyf

    Beginning RN Salary in Louisiana

    LPN or RN pay?