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  1. pdor

    Rn job market in san diego

    So, Last night I talked to an experienced nurse in San Diego and she told me that it's pretty difficult to fond a job as a nurse on San Diego. She works at Kaiser and told me that a lot of new grads work in the hospital but not as nurses and wait for something to come up. The core difficulty is due to the fact that the big hospitals ask for a least 1 year of experience as a nurse in a hospital. I'm a nursing student, to graduate in January 2019, but I'd like to know, maybe from some new grads or people that could give their insight what San Diego's job market looks like, today, in 2017. The posts that I saw that revolved around this subject are from 2013. Thanks!
  2. pdor

    Re-pumping for the systolic

    Thank you very much!
  3. pdor

    Re-pumping for the systolic

    One at the time, please, there's no need for all to rush to answer
  4. pdor

    Re-pumping for the systolic

    Hey All, a simple question that is puzzling not only me. In taking a manual blood pressure, is it correct to re-pump to make sure you are precise on the systolic? I'll be more precise: say I think I heard the first beat at 146 and I'm mow at 138 is it OK to go back on 150 to be sure of the 146, or do I have to go all the way down and retake the blood pressure? Please, if you answer, I'd like the rationale, and if you add a link to the article, many points are assured to you. Looking around on the net, but finding nothing. Thanks!
  5. pdor

    How I Passed the TEAS Exam

    Hi, I haven't looked if anybody asked because there are just so many entries. A simple question: you wrote you studied about one or two hours every day. But how long did you study for? It just seems such so much material that I'm just curious to know. Thanks and awesome job writing the post!
  6. pdor

    Hot to become a nurse in netherlands

    Hey Claudi, unfortunatelly I called many offices in Amsterdam and they told me that only courses in Dutch are available. The only option is to study Dutch during a "one year teansitional year" and then join the dutch courses for 4 years. Even though I fell in love with Amsterdam I few years ago, it requres too much time. Thank you for your answer. Have a good day. Tororosso
  7. pdor

    Nurse from Europe (Netherlands) needs advice

    Hi Frederique. I read that you are and became a Nurse in Holland and I'm interested to move from Italy to Holland to study in A Nursing school. It's really hard to get information. Do you know any nursing schools in English in Amsterdam or have any contacts of people that could help me? Please let me know, even by e-mail christopherbutera@hotmail.com. Thank you very much.
  8. pdor

    Hot to become a nurse in netherlands

    Hey Grisu. Did you ever find any information on how to become a nurse in Holland. I'm looking but it's hard to find information.