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  1. mary28

    CNA Certificate.

    You could easily become a LVN and then bridge to a rn, or just go to a rn program since you have some experience
  2. mary28

    how's life as Rn in the Military????

    Yea its for 3 years
  3. mary28

    Excelsior help with Post 9/11 GI Bill.....RANT!

    I was wondering about that too
  4. mary28

    Oakland University ABSN Prerequisites

    Sorry if im late but yes they are By the way was your pathophysiology class online?
  5. mary28

    Oakland University Accelerated BSN fall 2011 Cohort

    i cant private message yet because of the limited number of posts
  6. mary28

    Oakland University Accelerated Nursing May 2010 Cohort

    I think that if you want to get a bachelors or masters then when you are getting your RN, to try to get a 4.0 GPA, So when you apply for a bachelors or masters program, you can easily be accepted. If you think you can get a 4.0 with the accelerated t...
  7. mary28

    Oakland University Accelerated Nursing May 2010 Cohort

    nutrexercus my friend was an alternate
  8. mary28

    CA to TX endorsement

    I moved from Cali to TX, and i was just a lvn and trying to be a RN, I think you are still eligible to take the test to get your license.