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  1. hotstuff

    MET/ICU Outreach

    Hi all!! Just wondering if there are any fellow MET (medical emergency team) nurses out there?? Or... ICU Outreach nurses? I'm a MET nurse at a metropolitan hospital in Australia and we're trying to incorporate an ICU Outreach service into our role. I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences!! :heartbeat
  2. I've never met a nurse who didn't like chocolate...
  3. hotstuff

    How much morphine is too much??

    I don't understand the anesthetic implications here? I can understand how morphine has the potential to decrease respiritory function, but surely the pt wound be intubated and ventilated in theatre, so what's the issue? Whilst 32mg does sound like a large dose, I would imagine a fit healthy young man should be fine with it. :)