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    Xray tech~ more $$$ than RN???

    Who cares who gets paid more than people who are self absorbed ill mannered self diluted jerks. Nursing and the radiological field are two separate entities that cannot be compared but one should respect each other for the duties that they do especially the health professionals who take their work seriously within their hearts and care what is most important in their career, the patient! Nurses are not feces cleaners and the technologists are not button pushers only period! Anyone who brags about their salary or put anyone down because of their profession should be ignored especially in this economy we live in now. If you are able to find a job out of school and you love it, good for you with all sincerity because it is a rarity to find nowadays and I am one of the lucky ones to find it. In the end, be happy what you do and if you don't, there is something worst that could have happened to you. Have a nice day.

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