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    NCLEX March 2012

    For Olga 77 - Some of the NCLEX questions are easy and some are not. Saunders only helps you with choosing the right answer if you take the time to go through the rational. You never know what content you will get on the test so it's hard to study everything that could be on it but with Saunders you can pick what you're weak in and focus on that. For me, OB and peds are my weak areas and I got quite a few of those but no math questions. I suck at math so I spent unnecessary time getting ready for those so I lucked out. Work on your weak areas and not your strengths! You know the content, now you just have to understand what answer they are asking for. BTW, I guessed at quite a few answers so it didn't hurt me too bad to kind of deduce what the answer was. Here's another tip to help your brain. Eat fish for two days before you study and especially the night before. I also took two fish oil capsules while studying and I personally feel that my memory is sharper and recall is easier with the fish. Good luck and know that you can do this!

    NCLEX March 2012

    I took the NCLEX RN on Thursday and just found out that I passed. I studied the same way for the LPN and the RN by using Saunders CD. I tried to do at least 50 questions a day and up to 100 if I had the time. Too many resources muddy the water and make it confusing so I stuck to this one and I passed both tests on the first try with the minimum amount of questions. Look at the Saunders rationals when you get a question wrong and pretty soon you'll get to know most everything. Go through all the SATA questions on the CD. If you do this right up until the day of the test you'll pass easy enough. Funny thing though, I thought the LPN test was a lot harder than the RN. Good luck and try and stay calm!

    Going to DMACC for nursing

    I'm going to DMACC and finished my IV semester. I originally started the LPN program at the Carroll campus because the waiting list was shorter and now I've transfered to Boone to finish my RN. I agree with chinacatSN, look at other schools like WIT (Western Iowa Tech) in Sioux City/Dennison who I hear has no waiting list or even Mercy which may cost more but you'll get it done sooner.

    Effective coloring????

    Our unit recently switched to scrubs from street clothes. Some of the nurses don't like while some do. We have a choice of wearing black, pink or white and any combo of the three including prints. This is great for the women but being a guy, pink and white are not very appealing. Black is my only choice and finding something with multi colors is difficult. The only problem I have ever had with being in black is that after med pass, one of the patients thought I was passing communion.