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  1. Henrica80 if you are interested in CCU go for it. You have some good experience behind you. I am starting to see the going to CCU is a growing experience. Along with that comes some bumps and bruises but in the end, if you really want it and work for...
  2. hey midnitej. I am in a similar situation. I am in my first month of preceptorship with 2 more to go. ( I have 1.5 years on a med/ tele floor and feel like a new nurse) I am doing my reading and following my preceptor. Saturday I start my second mon...
  3. Out of curiosity, how long did it take for you to feel comfortable? I have been in ICU for one month and am wondering if I made the rt move. I had 1.5 years on med tele floor.
  4. Widened pulse pressure

    old goat: got your message. Thanks. I appreciate your help and understand. I was just at a point of frustration. (Couldn't reply to personal message.)
  5. Widened pulse pressure

    Thank you much. I will keep that in mind.
  6. Widened pulse pressure

    @ Old goat. thank you for taking the time to tell me its in a book- I couldn't really find anything in my text about widening pulse pressure. This morning though i surfed the web and read on it. I thought that this was a forum where we could post que...
  7. Widened pulse pressure

    Can anyone explain what widened pulse pressure is as it relates to a triad of symptoms dealing with Cushing's? Thanks!