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    I tested on July 18th and didn't find out my result until Saturday, July 29th. I was losing hope that I failed the darn thing since most of my friends found out within 3 days. Their names got posted on the web while I waited 11 days for mine to app...
  2. im still waiting for the results...

    i checked the website and my name still isn't up. i guess if it's not up by tommorrow, i'm really gonna get sick. let's wait til midnight coz that's when it gets updated.
  3. where can I get the results?

    hey sno! i called the BON and i asked if there's a license issued on my name. the operator asked for my SS# and asked me when I took the test. I said tuesday and he said that they have not received the results for that batch yet. so, i guess we'r...
  4. where can I get the results?

    as soon as i get the courage to call, i'll let you know the verdict. goodluck to both of us and everyone else waiting. i tell yah, this waiting is not fair . i hope we both have good news
  5. where can I get the results?

    i took mine in san jose, ca. i'll try to call the BON to see if i have an active license. i'm getting so anxious now, i'm even scared to call.
  6. where can I get the results?

    did you get your result yet? i tested on tuesday too but it's not on the website yet. i hate this wait. i'm freaking out.
  7. Starting IV's

    Thank you all for your input. I survived my first stick....actually my second. The first one I tried wasn't successful because her vein rolled. My instructors tried so hard to help me by moving the tourniquet lower but it still didn't work so i had t...
  8. Starting IV's

    cool! thanks manna! i can't wait for more tips. we're doing it tommorrow afternoon so wish me luck!
  9. Starting IV's

    We signed a waiver in the beginning of the semester releasing the school from any responsibility in case something happened. I was more freaked out when i found out during our welcoming reception that we will be doing NG tubes versus the IV starts. ...
  10. Starting IV's

    Thanks for the tip. I will definitely try that. Good thing we don't have little old people in the class, although my partner is a little young person. She's 23 but she only weighs 90lbs. I looked at her veins and she have little tiny ones. I shouldn'...
  11. Starting IV's

    We're starting IV's on each other this week and i'd like to ask you guys for some tips. We practiced once on the dummies but I know it will be way different when we start it on each other. We need 3 successful tries before the second semester in Ja...
  12. You need to report him. That is harrassment. We have a guy in our clinical group that is sexually harrassing (verbally) one of the girls. He won't leave her alone and he makes explicit comments such a how she's handling the guy's private part duri...
  13. Writing a Careplan

    Hi guys! This week is my second week of clinicals (2days/week) and we have started writing careplans. I'm having a little problem developing my goals and interventions though. I found different sites for careplan writing but they're mostly example...
  14. Question about drug guide

    Thanks guys! So, it would be under Nursing Considerations/Assessment in Mosby's then. One med i'm looking up is Levothyroxine. The nursing implications would be to take b/p, pulse before each dose, monitor I&O ration, weight, height, etc. Is ...
  15. Question about drug guide

    Hi guys! I have my first patient tommorrow and i'm doing the meds now. The form is asking for the Drug Class, Action, Side effects and Nursing Implications. I'm looking at Mosby's Drug Guide now and I'm not exactly sure what the Nursing Implicatio...