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  1. perfectpractice

    Help! Nursing care plan

    When I see nasal passages, I would go for risk for infection r/t nasal fx. What about the patient's permanent visual impairment? Take a look at the vitals, too. Is his BP under control?
  2. perfectpractice

    Whose fault is it?

    The clinical instructor does not mention one word to the student regarding her responsibility to give medications during clinical class that takes place once per week. The student has never given medications on the unit. In addition, only 3 students out of 6 give meds during the clinical instruction for the day. However, it is noted in the course outline students will be responsible for administering medications. The student did not realize she was responsible for the medication other than what was written in the course syllabus. The clinical instructor is extremely hostile to the student and does not make it easy to ask questions. The clinical instructor gives the student a poor performance because she failed to give medications. Opinion, please.
  3. perfectpractice

    A Matter of Respect and Dignity: Bullying in the Nursing Profession

    Bullying is RAMPANT in this profession and it is not a matter of the victim speaking up for themselves. This type of behavior needs to stop - the focus needs to be on the patient.
  4. perfectpractice

    Being badgered by clinical instructors

    Does anyone have experience with being badgered by a clinical instructor? They finding anything and everything they can possibly find. I can't bend my elbow right. I don't know what I can do. complaints: did not notice the arrival of breakfast but gave insulin within 15 minutes. had to look up ptt value to find ptt range on nomagram. there are other things that are simply lies. I can't believe this! What is going on at these nursing schools!
  5. perfectpractice

    Someone out there, please help!

    This is another write up in the performance plan that just came in. Patient needs insulin with her meal. Student steps away for no more than 2 minutes. In the meantime, the lunch cart comes. They come whenever they want at no set schedule. O.K., student asks about lunch. The patient says, yes. I got lunch. Student proceeeds to give insulin within the 15 minutes of meal according to order. Well, wouldn't you know it. The performance plan says - student was not aware the patient received lunch. I can't believe this. Do I have eyes in the back of my head? What is going on with this school? Why are they writing me up for these things and kicking me out of school?
  6. perfectpractice

    Someone out there, please help!

    That is funny. No. I never puked onto a pt's chest or went into a MRSA room without the garb - Like the docs do! And, yes, I was pushed. I'm also being pushed out of school because they don't want to work with me. It's very sad. Nursing Diagnosis: Powerless.
  7. perfectpractice

    Someone out there, please help!

    O.K., Seas, here are some other examples. Me and the clinical instructor are reviewing my performance in a small lunch room. The RN assigned to our patient comes into the room and tells us our patient is back from a procedure. I say to her do you want to finish with this? And she bolts out the door. The next day she writes me up for not making the patient a priority and wanting to continue with the review. O.K., here's another; we change an IV line and she gives me an empty IV line. I know I have to prime it and I"m thinking about what I'm going to use to pour the liquid into, she pushes me and says I tried to hook an empty line onto the patient and I almost killed the patient. I don't know what to do. So then she tells me to go to the lab to practice using the pumps - I go to the lab and there are no pumps to practice with...go figure. I'm at my wits end.
  8. perfectpractice

    Possibly a good move in life?

    The Navy has nurse candidate programs. It is really nice because they offer grants and stipends. I would take that route - that will get you right to goal at a faster rate if a nursing career is your goal. I'm sure if the Navy and Air Force has nurses, they have nurse assistants. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Good Luck.
  9. perfectpractice

    Someone out there, please help!

    I've got a HUGE problem in clinical at nursing school (med/surg 2). I understand and take everything my instructor is teaching me very serious. The problem is that a typical session will go something like this: I'm being tested on assessments. I do all the necessary assessments and I'm down at the patient's feet, assessing color, temperature, capillary refill, pulses, numbness and thinking to myself, "O.K., now I have to assess edema." Before I know it, my instructor gets her greedy hands in there and starts to assess the patient for edema!! Afterwards, she wrongly accuses me of skipping edema and writes up a negative report! This is not the first and only thing. This happens over and over and over on many different things. She has already told me I am going to fail this course, $45,000 later, and powerless. Does anyone know if I have any recourse? I really want to sock it to this school if they fail me! Please help.
  10. perfectpractice

    Preceptor bases care on moral judgements of patients. HELP!!!

    Dear Gold - this is certainly unethical behavior on the part of your preceptor. I think you need to report it to someone within your school since this is the only affiliation you have connected to your studies at the hospital. The nurse may be trying to test your responses - it's hard to believe something like this would be for real! Good Luck - but don't try to work this out within the hospital - bring it forward to someone you trust in the school and document your interaction and everything that was said.