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  1. Calinrse2b

    No hospitals please

    Nursing is a great degree to have because it offers so many options. Hospital nursing isn't for everyone and that is just fine because we need nurses to fill those other specialties too! Take an inventory of your strengths. What attracted you to nursing. Do you prefer the corporate environment? Do you enjoy educating patients? What classes in nursing did you most enjoy? I know many nurses who, like you, did not want to work in the hospital and after graduating they went to work for public health or a company selling medical devices or providing education to nurses on their equipment, etc. There is school nursing, clinic nursing, dialysis, aesthetic nursing, outpatient surgery, it depends on what you see as your niche. It is okay to try a few things out until you find it.
  2. Calinrse2b

    VA Hiring Process

    Thank you xkc3158. I interviewed this morning and just got a call with a tentative offer! Wow! Fast for the VA. I did ask them about the performance appraisal and the HR person did say there are some other options, so that sounds more reassuring.
  3. Calinrse2b

    VA Hiring Process

    Ok, another question. I had my interview today, went well, they handed me a 2-page info sheet and on the sheet in bold it says that they need your most recent performance appraisal?? Wot?! First of all, I have worked at my current job over a year and only now did we just start the process of a performance review not to be completed until May of next year. And second, the last performance review I had was over two years old at my last job and I do not even know how I can access that report anymore. Is this a standard thing? What do I do? Do I have to provide a personal and confidential job performance appraisal?
  4. Calinrse2b

    VA Hiring Process

    Hi, I have been reading about the VA hiring process, thank you for the information, very helpful. I have an interview in a couple of days for a "Temporary, Full-Time, NTE 12 months" position. Can anyone give any insight to this? I have been looking online for information on this job status and it is not looking as good as I originally thought--benefits? any better odds of being hired permanently? I really want to work for the VA, but I am wondering if the temporary employment is worth the effort and risk.