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  1. Mercedes_RN_

    I PASSED NCLEX-RN! My story and how I did it :D

    soooo crazy sounds exactly like my story last week from the sticky notes, to the long study hours, to my husband making my stop studying, even to my very very very easy 75 questions!!! haha congrats to u!!!! God is good!
  2. Mercedes_RN_

    Passed the NCLEX-RN w/ 75 Questions.

    congratsssss proud of u!!!
  3. you'll get use to it! I drove 1hr and 25 also four days a week for 2 years to become an RN and Monday my dreams came true feels good to me! Best wishes!
  4. Mercedes_RN_

    52%-59% Scores in Kaplan Qbank.

    So very TRUUUU!!!
  5. Mercedes_RN_

    52%-59% Scores in Kaplan Qbank.

    took my nclex on Monday and passed my kaplan scores weren't the best! The key is knowing ur content! The more you do as in those Kap question is to learn how and what they are asking, you BUILD from each! YOUR GOAL is not to make awesome scores, but to gain from each wrong and know the why's! Listen keep your head up and never:no: give up! If you need help you can email me Rn2become@yahoo.com. As hurst taught me from my very start as an LPN the key is knowing your content and everything else will fall in place! But have a balance of content knowledge as well as knowing how to answer you questions! Best wishing and keep swimming! Mercedes,RN
  6. Mercedes_RN_

    NCLEX/Isolation Precautions???

    Its Official! Mercedes,RN thanks everyone!
  7. Mercedes_RN_

    Pearson Vue Trick 2015 Latest

    I tested today at 2 and did the trick 3 hours later n got the pop up hope the second one is the same omg i could not wait 24 hours!
  8. Mercedes_RN_

    NCLEX/Isolation Precautions???

    Just took nclex stopped at 85 took me 2 hours! Got the good pop up so I'm hoping for the best! I'll know first thing tomorrow!!!
  9. Mercedes_RN_

    NCLEX/Isolation Precautions???

    Thank you guys very much for the clarification!!! I'll keep you guys posted!!!!!! Got a few more days! :)!!!
  10. Mercedes_RN_

    Passed with 122 questions on second try!! Read me!

    thanksss and will do!:)
  11. Mercedes_RN_

    Passed with 122 questions on second try!! Read me!

    Thank you so much this made me:)xoxo and CONGRATSSSS got a few days left before i go in wish me luck!!
  12. Mercedes_RN_

    NCLEX/Isolation Precautions???

    I'm testing in a few days and I'm really nervous:cry: and this is really stressing me out...HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!:( I'm really confused about the PPE that goes for each category. OK so I memorized the infection control section from the packet that's circulating on the site... the one with my chicken has tb, spiderman...etc. My first question is, under the PPE for Airborne they have listed: Private room- with negative pressure with 6-12 air exchanges/hr, mask and N95 for TB. So... I was doing question #5 in the prioritization, delegation and assignment book----> A client has been diagnosed with disseminated herpes zoster. Which PPE will you need to put on when preparing to assess the client? SATA... 1.Surgical face mask 2.N95 respirator 3.Gown 4.Gloves 5.Goggles 6.Shoes covers I picked as listed in the package 1,3,4. Correct answer 2,3,4. Rational: Because herpes zoster is spread through airborne means and by direct contact with the lesions you should wear an N95 respirator or high-efficiency particulate air filer respirator, a gown, and gloves. Surgical face mask filter only large particles and will not proved protection from herpes zoster. DOES THIS MEAN I PICK N95 MASK FOR ALL AIRBORNE????? IM SO CONFUSED??? Second Question in the package under droplets it has listed for the PPE: Gloves, mask and eye protection... WHEN DO I KNOW WHICH EYE PROTECTION TO PICK ...FROM FACE SHIELD AND GOGGLES OR SHOULD I PICK BOTH?????? AND SHOULDN'T SHOE COVERS BE LISTED? Sorry for the extra long forum but I'm extra confused!!!! Thanks guys!
  13. Mercedes_RN_

    PASSED the NCLEX in 75 questions!

    I know Im late but can somebody email me the one with the completed by the 3 nurses?? please and thanks very much. Rn2become@yahoo.com or Rmercedesxoxo@yahoo.com
  14. Mercedes_RN_

    PBSC Spring 2015 Nursing

    @cgambino70 TO ME...it's not that it's hard, It's more of having to learn / memorize skills in addition to clinicals and doing clinicals assignments, lecture and reading 12 chapters for your unit test in addition to your personal life is hard.. The best thing I can say is utilize your time wisely! 2nd Semester is a LOT! And oh boy if you think 2nd is a bit much, try 4th semester which is the same material as 2nd semester but with psych attached, all in TWO months v/s 5 like you have in 2nd WITH 2 essay's and 9 assignment to be all completed in the two months, oh n let me not forget reading up to like 10 chapters, additional assignments and yes still clincals! Yikes!... AN ENORMOUS amount of ((((THINGS))))) to do, but all can be done with a fried brain! :) Best Wishes
  15. Mercedes_RN_

    PBSC Spring 2015 Nursing

    Currently in sem 4, tunned in to this thread for my bff she's waiting as well with you guys good luck to all :)
  16. Mercedes_RN_

    PBSC Spring 2014 Applicants

    Hey sorry for the late response, been really busy reading ugh! Its going good for now! Stay positive, read read read read n READ its not easy but possible...