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  1. Is there anybody out there that can speak about their school Nova Southeastern University? Can't find anything on anyone representing this school. Very curious about your experience in nursing school at Nova...
  2. Wondering if any of the FIU students have heard of the ability of taking some of the nursing courses for the generic bsn track a pre-nursing major ahead before starting the bsn program. For example as a transfer student. If I transfer now to FIU with all my pre-reqs done, can I then go ahead and take some of the generic bsn track courses ahead of time before starting in fall 2012?
  3. I want to hear from individuals who transferred and graduated from the Nova Southeastern University Traditional Nursing BSN program...was it worth it? How are you looking in debt? Is your job helping you with it? what advice do you have?
  4. Ok, I need to make a smart decision...what would you do? I currently hold a gpa of 3.60. I am in my last semester at Broward College. It's transfer time! I put in an application for FIU, Barry University, FAU and Nova Southeastern University. I have not done the hesi yet. The dilemma: I've been in school since 2009 to earn my AA....all will be done this summer 2011, I currently work full time at a lousy job and I have a 5 year old son and I'm a single mom. (impatience is building in me!!) I would like to become a psych nurse, so that means, after my bsn, I need to do my msn and then my post master certificate. I applied to FIU in march...but i'm to late to start the nursing program for fall 2011. Since FIU has two required pre-reqs that you have to take at FIU only before applying for their nursing program. So i got accepted to FIU "the university" for pre-nursing for fall 2011. That means, when i'm done taking my reqs...i have to take a bunch of other classes I don't need to then apply for the nursing program for fall 2012 since i'm on financial aid. And i paid the acceptance fee of 250. But hearing about how the gpa average is 3.9. I freaked out... So then I applied to Barry University...they have the same rules...two pre-reqs and acceptance first for pre-nursing...but I didn't put down an acceptance fee...(im not rich!)...so barry is just lingering right now... their nursing program starts in fall 2012 as well! So now I applied to FAU, no pre-reqs required (plus it's in boca...I live in hollywood, so I would have to take tri-rail..I can't move), but I heard their gpa average is 3.8...sigh....but I'm not done yet from BC, I have until august 8, 2011 to graduate to give FAU my full BC transcript. FAU program start in May2012 Finally, I applied to Nova, no pre-reqs but the most expensive school! They start in January 2012! Which is wayyy better than the other schools! I have a feeling I have a good GPA to get into Nova, I'm just worried about the tuition and fees...500!! Acceptance fee, and 500 for something else too! so 1000 in total before first registration! What would you do in my situation? ...I fear that I will be rejected at both FIU and FAU (FIU is my first choice and FAU is my second...they are both more affordable, and FAU is sooo far). And Nova is soooo expensive, with financial aid used up, there is a possibility of me having 4000 left over for me to pay with loans for each semester. Barry is just hanging there, because it starts late, so it's my last choice. What would you have done? Plus what makes it worse, my boyfriend might be relocated anywhere in the US (new great job!) next summer (2012)...so that mean, (half-way through school if I go to nova, and for FIU and FAU wouldn't have started yet!) we will be long distance until I graduate...I just want to be able to graduate on time... 2014, do my NCLEX, become an RN and move up with him. So again...what would you do? Any suggestions would be great! I just want to make the most smart and efficient decision in a time sensitive situation....
  5. Just curious, for what nursing year program did you apply for? can you tell me more about your interview experience. Because I was freaking out about my GPA.
  6. thanx...psych and sociology sounds good :) it makes sense to go that route...
  7. Working hard to becoming a Psych Nurse, what I would like to know, from those who are already in the field working... What is it like? I know it's hard...but I want to know, what responsibilities do you have, what is your routine like? Do you spend most of your day doing psychotherapy or taking care of medications? Do you do groups? What type of institutions do you usually get hired at and work for? I'm very interested in doing psychotherapy and research...but I would like to know more, what is this profession like... I'm getting bombarded by crappy media...showing me the negative side of mental health institutions... so I need real people to tell me more about it...
  8. Not really, the generic nurse program is locked/fixed you go through the whole program with the same class mates til graduation.
  9. I want to become an Psychiatric nurse. I have a long way to go. AA at BC. BSN at FIU. MSN at FIU. Post Certificate in Psychiatric Nursing...somewhere (FIU doesn't offer it). I'm at BC now will finish this semester(summer). I've been accepted to FIU. Will be transferring to FIU for the fall (2011), will take their two required courses (NUR3119 & COM 3461) before applying for nursing program. The next admission for the nursing program is Fall 2012. Any advice on what I should do in the mean time? ughhhh. Plus I work full time, and they told me, in order to keep my FIN-AID, I have to stay through out the academic year full time. What interesting courses should I take (preferably close to my degree path)?