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  1. Aanuszczyk

    Massasoit community college adn fall 2012

    Does the MCC part-time evening program go right through the summer? i applied for the one that starts spring2014.
  2. Aanuszczyk

    Upper Cape Tech 2011-2012 LPN Program??

    the uniforms we get at school... but we only need to wear them during lab and clinical days- not academic... we need our nutrition, fundamentals, A & P, and human growth books. not sure if we need them all everyday, but those are the first semest...
  3. Aanuszczyk

    Upper Cape Tech 2011-2012 LPN Program??

    finally got all my books ... some prior student some from half.com and amazon.com used... saved tons too. i recommend those websites to all
  4. Aanuszczyk

    Bridge Program, LPN to RN

    Hello Everyone, I will been attending Upper Cape Tech in August for the LPN program. I was wondering if anyone has done the bridge program and is currently getting their RN. How long did the process take? Did you have to wait for someone to flunk out...
  5. Aanuszczyk

    working weekends only

    Although the weekends are when most do not want to work, it can't hurt to find a spot on the application to give them a heads up. So they know what to expect before your interview.
  6. Aanuszczyk

    very irritated with my job!

    I have heard of this issue as well. My friend just had to pull her grandfather from a nursing home, because they would not let him eat in his room. What happened? He would not eat. After losing weight, and dwindling down to 84lbs, she moved him to a ...
  7. Aanuszczyk

    working weekends only

    Per diem is an option as well. You may opt to only fill in during weekend hours that work for you. That is what I am doing. So far it is working out great. Per diem has a hire pay rate sometimes also.
  8. Aanuszczyk

    Pay for hospital nursing assistants thanks!

    At Charleton Memorial Hospital CNAs get paid 10.60 per hour, but if you're a Nursing student, the pay is increased to 12
  9. Aanuszczyk

    gaining weight in nursing school

    I think some people handle stress differently too... some people eat more, some less. I start school this August. I saw this post and thought it was interesting that some were gaining. I have been doing clinicals for a CNA class, and found it to be a...