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  1. ERbarbie

    Lawyer to Nurse

    I have considered the NP route. But unless accepted into a master's NP program by the end of the year it will be a doctoral degree...and lots of nurses are not interested in THAT much more education. I would have pursued it, if it had stayed at a master's level degree, but I have to be doing my education at this point part time and just cant get through the BSN before the end of the year. And having already obtained a BS in Rehabilitation prior to becoming a nurse not that motivated for another bachelors. Just me though. But nurse's are notorious for inhibiting ourselves in ways such as requiring NP to become phd... we are short on nurses and general health providers - so lets make it harder and less desirable to become one? classic.
  2. ERbarbie

    Lawyer to Nurse

    I'm an ER nurse for 6 years...and I get asked for input daily..usually by the doctors!! And if you are NOT a creative thinker then nursing is NOT for you!! It rarely is the "NCLEX" hospital. Every day I have to tailor fit my job to each patient. I've worked in situations that I had to MAKE the equipment that I needed, talk about getting creative! I do agree that the suits upstairs don't have a clue of what I do, and they definately can't come down to the ER and take my place. But I have found that my peace is in taking excellent care of my patients, working as a team with other nurses and the doctors...not with dealing with admin. Like I said, its not like they can do MY job, but I'm pretty sure I could do theirs if I wanted to!!