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Manda1901 has 9 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Hemodialysis- Charge Nurse.

LVN 9 yrs_RN June 2012

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  1. How long did it take you to do Nclex?

    I also finished in a little less than hour with 75 questions! Thought for sure i had failed, but i passed:)
  2. Earplugs during NCLEX?

    When are you taking NCLEX? I just passed mine on Tuesday!! Good luck!!
  3. Earplugs during NCLEX?

    The Pearson center I tested at provides earphones at each computer. They don't let you bring your own. The earphones are the big type that fit over your entire ear. I didn't use them, the place was really quite anyways!
  4. Question about RN Boards

    If it says results on hold you have to wait because they are reviewing your results. If you finish in under 30-45 mins they put your results on hold. Keep checking. The good pop up should say something like "this candidate has already taken this ex...
  5. Done!!!!

    Congrats! I also took Nclex-Rn 6/5. 75 questions and I thought I failed.I had tons of SATA, 3 math, 1 drag and drop and 1 ekg strip. I am getting the good pop up. I hope it's right, for both of us!! :)
  6. HCA hospitals in houston area

    Yes they do. I graduated with my ADN may 12 and had an interview with Bayshore the following week. I was offered the job on the spot. I also have 9 years of LVN experience that may have hepled. But i know they do hire ADN gN's. I turned the job down ...
  7. PVT works

    Congrats!!! :yelclap: I'm taking mine next tuesday! How did you feel while taking it? What did you use to study? I am doing kaplan.
  8. Took NCLEX 5 days after graduation!

    Awesome!!!! I hope i get my ATT back that quick! I graduate saturday and want to take NCLEX ASAP!! :)
  9. Whoohooo! Congrats!! Mine is next Friday!!! :)
  10. Organizational MUST HAVES?

    A planner. I wrote down every assignment and exam and then went back and wrote down grades for each one. I graduate next Friday and can go back through my planner and see every grade that I have made. It's pretty neat... I would highly recommend it :...
  11. Challenge Exit Hesi.

    I live in Texas and HESI is still being used every semester and as an exit exam. I don't agree with it, but it is being used to determine who graduates.
  12. Countdown to Pinning

    12 days till pinning!! :) so excited!
  13. Tons of Free NCLEX-RN Questions!

    Www. R n p e d i a. Com ( no spaces) -lots of practice questions and Nclex 3500 :)

    ME TOO, ME TOO!! Graduating in May! -picked our songs for pinning last thursday!! It feels like dream! lol- CONGRATS TO US ALL! :)
  15. Wait List Advice (first in line)

    I was fourth on the wait list for my RN program... I got called at 4pm the day before class started!! I had to go immediately to the school take the hesi entrance exam (its not required by my school until acceptance, and is only used as a baseline), ...