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  1. Scott5383

    Air Force Nursing Corps

    Thank you for the rapid response. I have close to 6 years RN experience presently (1 year as an ACNP). Is obtaining a DNP becoming a necessary step for advancement and, if so, is it feasible to complete a DNP program in a timely manner while active? What has been your experience with regard to the APRN-physician relationship? Do you feel you are given an appropriate level of autonomy and respect? Does everyone collaborate and play nice together? I come from an operations background so I am unfamiliar with the politics/ relationship dynamics within the military medical field.
  2. Scott5383

    Air Force Nursing Corps

    Hello, I am considering applying to join the USAF Nurse Corps as a masters-prepared AGACNP. I am prior service enlisted (non-medical field). I haven't spoken with a recruiter yet, but I noticed that ACNP is no longer listed on the USAF website. 1) Are ACNP's still being utilized in the USAF? 2) In what capacity are ACNP's typically utilized? 3) What is the typical starting grade? 4) What is the typical time-frame (start to finish) from start of application to leaving for COTS?
  3. Scott5383

    Ou okc absn 2015-2016

    Hello, Congrats on your acceptance! I graduated from the OU ABSN program in '12. I have also lived in Oklahoma City most of my life. What are you wanting to know?
  4. Scott5383

    ACNP Student Seeking ACNP Preceptor

    Hello All, I am seeking an Acute Care NP to act as my preceptor starting next Fall (2015). If you are able to precept me or you know someone who might, please message me. Thank you for your time! -Scott
  5. Scott5383

    University of Oklahoma ABSN Summer 2012

    First, what is your schedule? Do you know yet? They like to switch things up every now and then, so you might have a different arrangment than my class. That said, we had Clinical 1, Health Assessment, Human Experience, and Intro to Professional Nursing (online). I will look to see if I have anything and I will check with some classmates. Whatever the case, you will be assigned a senior buddy your first day of class and he/she will most likely provide you with study guides etc. I have a few things, but I don't know if I have anything from last summer. The summer is hectic and I do recommend prereading for Human Experience (HE) and maybe Health Assessment (HA). However, try not to freak yourself out and take a deep breath. Everything will seem overwhelming at first, but you will get used to it quickly. And we (the seniors) will be around to help you cope. Just remember that the University wants you to do well (as it reflects well on them). This translates to a much more nurturing learning environment than what most of us are accustomed. You will get to know your professors very well and they will do their best to make sure you learn the material. Ask lots of questions, stay proactive, and try to keep your stress to a reasonable level. I will email you the reading list for the first couple modules in HE and HA. HE is the theory course of the summer and can be reading intensive. If I remember correctly, the ppt presentations were very detailed for these first few courses which cut down on a lot of the reading time. That said, HE requires traditional study habits and the grade is based on 4 exams and a final. HA is more task oriented, but still requires quite a bit of study time. You will have quizzes, exams, a practicum, and a couple written assignments. Your first graded patient assessment will take place at the culmination of this course. This is weighted heavily and can be a great source of stress. We did our assessments on real patients during our first days of real-world clinical (which took place in nursing homes). Once again, just remember that they want you to do well. As long as you study/ practice hard, you should have no trouble. Don't slack off, but try not to freak out. Clinical is time consuming and has a lot of graded assignments, but it is also a blast! You will have fun getting to know your classmates and making memories. You do have to read the material for this course ahead of time if you want to get anything out it, but you should have no trouble finding motivation. This is when you learn your most basic nursing skills. It is vital to pay attention, read, and most of all, have FUN! There isn't much to practice at this point. I would just suggest learning to take things one step at a time. They will throw a lot at you in the first few days. The only way to keep from being overwhelmed is to just remain organized and don't look too far ahead. Believe it or not, you will have plenty of time. Also, your classmates are your greatest resource. Don't be shy. You will be with the same group of people every day for the next year. Help each other. This program is fast and, at times, difficult. The Summer is just the beginning. Each semester will bring its own challenges. Just know that you CAN do it. It is a year of late nights, puffy eyes, pimples, and tense shoulders, but it is completely doable. A little over a year from now, you all will have your BSN. Get excited! I am not sure if any of this helped. I'll send you what I find via email. Take care! I look forward to meeting all of you! -Scott
  6. Scott5383

    University of Oklahoma ABSN Summer 2012

    Hey Everyone, I am currently enrolled in the OKC ABSN program and will graduate in July. If you have any questions about the program, let me know. Take care! -Scott
  7. Thanks Wreck'em! Good luck! I hope you enjoy the experience. I appreciate the insight into the interviewing process.
  8. I am a student in the Accelerated BSN program at the University of Oklahoma. I am really interested in obtaining a position in critical care at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I don't graduate until the end of July. Does anyone have any suggestions that may improve my chances? Also, my desire is driven primarily by what I have read about the organization. I haven't actually talked to any nurses that work there. I would love to hear the opinion of some Mayo nurses. Is Mayo a good organization to work for? How is Rochester? How is the work environment? Thanks!! Scott
  9. Scott5383

    Help! Tailoring Resume for AF

    Thanks a lot, you two! Your posts were very helpful. It turns out that my worries were misplaced. As Iowa suggested, the resume isn't really for the recruiter. I have re-written it though and I think it is much better now. I was trying to keep it to one page, but i guess that doesn't matter. Thanks again! -Scott
  10. Scott5383

    Help! Tailoring Resume for AF

    Hello All, I am an undergraduate senior at the University of Oklahoma and prior-service Air Force. Once I graduate this May, I wll start a 14 month accelerated BSN program (also at OU). I am preparing for my initial interview with the local USAF health professions recruiter (30-March). I sent him my generic resume (prepared for grad-school application) and he asked me to tailor it. Does anyone have an idea as to what that means? Should I lead with my AF experience or education? Should I tailor it specifically to the nursing profession or to the AF in general? What can I do to increase my chances of selection? I apologize for the barrage of questions. I am just a bit nervous. Thanks! -Scott