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  1. alaskaman

    Feeling terrible about mistake

    If you stand on the train tracks for a living, from time to time, you get hit by the train. Keep your chin up. You have courage, smarts and love to move you through this....
  2. alaskaman

    Californians with Convictions

    I think the key thing is be able to speak about and document how you have grown and changed since you committed the crimes. The BRN is California is one of the toughest. I think that your self reflection and your ability to speak about that along with a proven employment history will argue for advancement. However, you state you have been convicted of hurting or attempting to hurt other people. You would have to show documentation of anger management therapy and lots of testimonials as to your growth and character since the events took place.
  3. alaskaman

    Public intoxication in Oklahoma

    What happened and has anything like this occurred prior?
  4. alaskaman

    Im very discouraged am I in the right field

    This is about organizing charting in the practice of nursing imho.
  5. alaskaman

    Im very discouraged am I in the right field

    You'll need to build your charting immediately after your patient assessments. What charting system are you using. This is a very common issue.
  6. alaskaman

    Remote Telephonic Nursing

    As I approach semi retirement very interested in finding out more about remote telephonic nursing. Any companies you would recommend would be helpful. Thanks!
  7. alaskaman

    Advice needed on career change

    Have you thought about case management and certification? Sounds like after many years moving to a step away from the bedside might be a good idea. There is also insurance agencies which use telephonic case management. You may want to speak with them....don't be tough on yourself. Most of us in ICU and shitkickers from a long time ago....=)
  8. alaskaman

    Manager Insists....

    Thanks for the replies. Its always been a flexibility issue for me. To meet family for dinner, I see it as a courtesy. But be that as it may I don't really think that it is a deal breaker. I am planning to change hospitals after my year is up (relo pay) as there are much larger clinical issues which concern me easily more. I just wondered. Typically I have found that managers who are focused on rules miss other more important issues.
  9. alaskaman

    Manager Insists....

    I've just never heard of it. Managers typically will be flexible. If something happens there are plenty of nurses to help out. I wonder if I told her that after the year (to repay 25k relo) I'll be leaving if that would make it easier. Sometimes I will only have one patient at the end of a shift. Its a nice feeling to get home early. =)
  10. alaskaman

    Manager Insists....

    On a new position for 7 months....last week the manager told me that to comply with the policy day shift nurses (12 hour) stay on the unit until 1930. Typically in a high acuity area after you give report and check in with the patient you can leave. The manager derives her view from those 7 minutes totaled up are a lot of hours of wasted labor. So even after clocking out at 1923 she wants nurses to stay.I point out that the unit is steady and many of us have lives which benefit from leaving a few minutes after report is completed...and yet she is adamant and insistent. I pointed out that I will have to pull back from full time to a .6 next year. She was clearly shocked. First time in 25 years as an RN I've ever heard of this. Anyone else?
  11. alaskaman

    Forged ACLS and possible suspension of license?

    An infraction at best would be my guess. The lesson, hopefully learned without a suspension. Hospitals typically say if no ACLS you cannot work so with that pressure the issue is timing. Her ability had not changed during her time with patients
  12. alaskaman

    Forged ACLS and possible suspension of license?

    I personally don't think that this will rise to Board level. It was not a patient care issue.
  13. alaskaman

    ICU - High Paying During Holidays.

    Last year travel companies were offering >$4000.00 week in some locations. Any of you know any thing about this? Thanks.
  14. alaskaman

    Forged ACLS and possible suspension of license?

    Why did you do this? You will have to be ready to explain that to the Board and/or your next employer.
  15. alaskaman

    Helping During Disaster/Tragedy

    Thank you. I very much appreciate your response.