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  1. rgs829

    Sharp New Grad Residency October 2017

    how long does it normally take to hear back?
  2. rgs829

    Scripps New Grad Residency Jan/March 2018

    as of 9/30 my status changed to "under review" as well! chose no preference on the app. hoping this means good things!
  3. rgs829

    UCSD New Grad 2017

    hi everyone! I put in an app too. just saw that post about someone interviewing for tele... 3 has anyone else gotten an email/call? Also! curious to know, was anyone that applied an extern?
  4. rgs829

    Scripps new grad program 2018

    applied as well! had a hard time finding the application at midnight (did anyone else have this problem too?) Also called the talent development center and was was too told that the 500 app cut off is a rumor and that they look at all applications. fingers crossed really hard for this one!
  5. rgs829

    University of San Francisco MSN-CNL for non-nurses

    Does anyone know if you hear back sooner if your application was sent in early? Or does everyone generally hear back around the same 4-6 week period? I originally had my application in the summer 2014 cohort for socal but forwarded it when I found out that cohort was cancelled Also anxious because I know now that the applicant pool is probably doubled with everyone forwarding from the summer cohort!