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  1. Hey,

    I wanted to reach out because I recently was accepted to the RN program at Monroe College and wanted to get your review of the program ! What was your typical schedule? How was the professors and clinical and would you recommend? Any information is helpful!


    1. CeceStar5

      CeceStar5, ADN, BSN, LPN, RN

      Im sorry for the delay in responding. I had a good experience at Monroe. Faculty was very supportive. It was a lot of reading and stress, but thats nursing. I started in the LPN program for the first year and then continued for the second year for the RN. Typical schedule was Monday through Friday. Depending on some  classes you transfer in, Classes can end before 2pm. Thurs and Fridays were clinical days  and you will attend in cohorts for about 4 to 5 weeks each course. (clinical do not last the whole semester) Only challenge I had was commuting to the Bronx, I live in Brooklyn on clinical days. I had a B.s. another field, so I had alot of my classes transfer in.  Definately doable. All teachers were great, but my favorite was the med surg teacher. I am not sure if I can put his name on the site. 

      Everyone in my class who did the LPN pass the boards and continue to the RN program with ease. 

      Have you started classes?

      I hope I answered your questions. feel free to contact me with any questions.