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Psychiatric Mental Health
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Encarn has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Psychiatric Mental Health.

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  1. Hello, all. I wanted to reach out to those that have applied and are waiting on acceptance or who have already been accepted to UofA's DNP-PMHNP starting Fall of 2021. I was recently notified of my acceptance to the program. Please say hello if you were accepted or are waiting on acceptance!
  2. Encarn

    how to get a new grad psych job?

    I have been a Psych RN for about 4 years now and my first job was as a new grad. The best bet you have is to look to rural and underserved areas as they are usually desperate for full-time/core Psych RNs. Rural facilities largely rely on travel nurses for staffing. I would discourage a new grad nurse from applying to a very large hospital, state hospital or prison/jail. Due to the inherent bureaucracy, you will likely get lost in the shuffle and, if hired, your training and mentorship will likely be subpar. For your interview, be prepared to answer: Why you want to be a psych nurse as a new grad The difference between typical and atypical anti-psychotics What mood stabilizers are and what is their purpose Different families of anti-depressants Different anxiolytic drugs Be able to discuss positive and negative symptoms of Schizophrenia, Bipolar I and Bipolar II disorder, Schizoaffective disorder, and Borderline personality disorder. What are hallucinations, illusions and delusions (grandiose, paranoid, hyper-religious, persecutory) What are risk questions (Suicidal/Homicidal ideation; Auditory/Visual/Tactile/Olfactory/Gustatory hallucinations; Depression and Anxiety) How you would de-escalate a patient in crisis -- e.g. address pt by his/her name; ask what needs are not being met; if what they want is unreasonable/against policy, offer alternatives; change of environment; ventilation of feelings; 1-to-1 counseling, limit setting, etc. What meds would you ask a physician or NP for in a crisis -- B52 (Haldol 5mg, Benadryl 50mg, Ativan 2mg) When to use seclusion (danger to others) vs mechanical restraints (danger to self). Common side effects of psych meds such as Extrapyramidal Symptoms (EPS)/Pseudo-Parkinsons, Tardive Dyskinesia, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, Serotonin Syndrome, Oculogyric crisis How to treat and document a seizure and different kinds of seizures If you can answer all of the above then there is no reason your shouldn't land that job following the interview. Best of luck!
  3. Encarn

    NAU Spring 2013 Hopefuls

    Yeah, I was accepted to Flagstaff as well.
  4. Encarn

    Rio Salado college HCR 240

    I would never take a class through Rio. I am a 4.0 student at CGCC and attempted 2 classes at Rio (CHM 151 and a humanities class). Both classes were a disaster with the instructor basically doing nothing at all. I honestly don't know what these Rio Instructors are paid but it is too much. Try to find an in-person class that meets your schedule. Rio is a LAST resort in my opinion. Best of luck.
  5. Encarn

    NAU Spring 2013 Hopefuls

    Received my acceptance letter for Flagstaff campus on November 11th. Pre-req GPA 4.0, no classes in progress. Scored 88% overall on Kaplan.
  6. Encarn

    NAU Spring 2012 Hopefuls

    Some basic information regarding the Kaplan test. I haven't found too much in the way of specific study material but I will quote some general info from another university's pdf. I hope this thread continues through application and acceptance. Keep the questions and answers rolling. -John
  7. Encarn

    NAU Spring 2012 Hopefuls

    I'm looking at NAU for Spring 2012 as well. I'm looking at both Flagstaff and Tucson. Thanks for the great information so far Cliff and others. I am a bit concerned about the clinical situation at Flagstaff and need to investigate a bit more.
  8. Encarn

    Chm130 @ Rio Salado information please!!

    I'm taking CHM 130 with 130LL lab at the moment at CGCC Williams. Its pretty straight forward. The only thing you should be aware of is that the entire course builds upon itself. If you fall behind in the early chapters then you will not do well in the later chapters as the knowledge will extend through everything else you do. From my experience with my particular instructor he tends to add 4-5 "trick" questions per test (usually around 35 questions total). These questions tend to focus on exceptions to certain rules to ensure that you are really familiar with the material. You can still manage a low "B" grade missing them, but "A's" require you to read the test carefully and have learned the material sufficiently. I'll be taking BIO 201 at Rio Salado starting in May as the Summer Instructor here has not so great reputation. Good luck.
  9. Encarn

    Hmmm. Changes for transfer to ASU

    You have all the basics covered. You have to complete a minimum of 11 of 17 pre-reqs at ASU. When applying to the program slots are competitive. You can now get a total of 8.00 pts for ranking. 6 possible points come from GPA and 2 from the TEAS. You take 17 of 17 pre-req's at ASU and have a 4.0 GPA. They then multiply your GPA by 1.5 which gives you 6 points. If you have 12-16 pre-req's at ASU, they multiply by 1.4 multiplier. If you have 11 pre-req's at ASU, they multiply by 1.3 multiplier. If an ASU student with a 3.8 applies with 17/17 at ASU, he gets 5.7 points out of a possible 6. In my case I can take 11 pre-req's at ASU. I have a 4.0 GPA. I would get 5.2 points out of a possible 6. So basically, to be competitive in the application you have to take almost all of your pre-req's at ASU. Some ASU applicants from Spring '11 and Summer '11 were saying that the nursing program may push these changes back past Fall '11. I am applying to NAU and U of A as a result of these changes. p.s. - the nursing info .pdf mentions explicitly that the intent for CC students is to bridge with the RN-BSN program to ASU. Seeing as Maricopa County has a 2+ year waiting list for ADN programs... yeaaaaaah