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  1. How To Find A Job As a New Grad

    Check out this great new blogging site created just for new nurses!
  2. Low census. . .no work. . .

    I'm having the same problem here in California and it is terrible. At first getting cancelled once in awhile was nice, now its every week! And it's hurting my bank account. The census gets so low and everyone on my unit loses hours. I'm trying to fin...
  3. To Quit or Not to Quit...

    Quit, you cant get another job withut a license especially if you feel its being jeopardized
  4. Nurse Educator Certification

    Has anyone ever obtained or heard of a Certification as a Nurse Educator. The one I found is a short 3 day course but I was wondering of someone can really obtain a job involving nurse education with that.
  5. should I stay or should I go ?

    Tell us a little bit more of the type of nursing you're doing right now. If it's bedside, maybe you need to just pull away from bedside nursing and focus on the things you like about your job and try something outside of patient care
  6. Don't focus on the comments on here because if you focus on all the negative things people say on here, it will discourage you. Just be determined to write your own future.
  7. I Need Another Job ASAP!!

    Thank you!
  8. I Need Another Job ASAP!!

    I'm starting to look now. I'm not familiar though with all the appropriate websites to find one, but as of right now I don't really see any openings
  9. I Need Another Job ASAP!!

    I've been trying to figure that out, but I really don't know. Things I do like though, is teaching, being able to relate to my patients by talking to them, and seeing an improvement in them from the care we give them. I wanna do something where I giv...
  10. I Need Another Job ASAP!!

    To those who told me to just "suck it up", "don't be a quitter", it's not that simple. How many of you have worked on a medsurg floor before? Here's a better history of what I've dealt with in Medsurg. First job, was the worst. I was a fresh new gra...
  11. I Need Another Job ASAP!!

    I work in a smaller hospital so we don't have all those resources. And nope I can not confide in my preceptor. He's a guy in whom I have nothing in common with. I delegate, I call on my charge nurse, I talk to my cnas, all those things. I don't have ...
  12. I Need Another Job ASAP!!

    Honestly I don't perceive the way you do as "quitting". The way I see it is like trying to fit a puzzle piece into a space that doesn't belong there. It's about finding what's best for you so that you can give more to the people you're working for. M...
  13. I Need Another Job ASAP!!

    Oh no you misunderstood me, i've been working at my current job for 9months consecutively. My 1st job was over a year ago before I moved and started this one. As far as this job I have had a verbal warning bcuz I overlooked a medication. It's just...
  14. I Need Another Job ASAP!!

  15. I Need Another Job ASAP!!

    I have 9months experience in medsurg/tele and i need another job right away. This job is causing me too much stress and I don't think I can do it anymore. I honestly want to leave hospital nursing alltogether and need some advice on how to get out! S...