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  1. chinny7150

    Reasons patients turn on their call light

    I too was frustrated with frequent call bells and decided to take a pro active approach. At the beginning of the shift I would introduce myself and ask them if they needed anything and then do whatever it was that was needed. I explained that I would be passing meds at such and such time but they would see me again during med pass. After that task was done I went back to each room and offer my services again. I then told them that I would be making rounds every 30-40 minutes. And I would do just that. If someone was tanking or needed extra procedures I would go to the others room or send someone else to explain that I hadn't forgotten them, but I was busy with a pt and would be approx (10) min late. They would then ask if anyone needed assistance now. The pts started to trust me and know that if I said I would do something----- I would do it. I had very few call bells
  2. chinny7150

    "Smart" students make bad nurses?

    30 plus years ago, I graduated with a 3.89 gpa. I cared for my charges full hardheartedly. I was able to complete my shifts on time with all things done and done right. No one was allowed to do any 'funny stuff' during my shift (meaning no one got worse that wasn't suppose to get worse, no one died unexpectedly, and was left feeling like someone really cared). I loved my job and am forever grateful that I had the privilege to serve the down trodden. Does that sound like a bad Nurse, I think not.
  3. chinny7150

    Denying Death As A Society

    It is a crime-what we do to these dying patients. The family means well, but does not understand the torture we are inflicting on their loved ones. Not just for days either-years and years of suffering. I have been a RN for decades, worked the ICU and ER. I have decided this type of longevity will not be a part of my future. Period.
  4. chinny7150

    Devastated and Depressed

    As a new Grad, I was immediately thrown into a sink or swim situation. I swam, but suffered. There were plenty of outfits that I worked for, some good, some bad. All in all I kept to my Nursing Standards and ethical views. I too was a 3.89 4 year grad, and found reality in Nursing way more different than actual practice. Stick to your guns, PATIENT SAFETY is the most important aspect of your job. Do no harm... If you can perform those 2 functions within a facility you can't go wrong. I have been asked by various DON's to lie, cheat, and perform sub standard care. Stick to your guns... Do what is right despite what you are told what to do. I have had a long career and managed to enjoy my job despite the challenges. Good luck.
  5. chinny7150

    Is nursing school REALLY that hard?

    It is hard only if you are not passionate about being a Nurse. Keep your priorities straight and the 2 years will wiz by with success in the books for you
  6. chinny7150

    I don't want to be a nurse!!

    Hey, I hate to tell you this, but it is YOUR life. DO what is best for YOU. You will never be happy working as a Nurse if you don't want to be one. I am a RN, I wanted to take care of others, I worked hard to be a Nurse and love my job. But that is me-it's not you. You have to live and get along with yourself for a long time, like the rest of your life. You have to look in the mirror each and every day. Be who you are suppose to be, not what someone else wants you to be. I would hate to hear that you lived your parents life and did what they wanted you to do when your talents went by the wayside. I don't want anyone to be miserable and believe me, if you don't want to be a Nurse with all of your heart and soul you will be unable to help anyone including yourself.
  7. Yes, my husband of 16 years. He was my patient for a whole week, then after another year he was my patient again. I was totally professional with him while working, but yet did have a secret crush. Well, we met again a few months later-not at the hospital, but in town and had coffee. Saw each other as friends for 5 years, and then married. Was meant to be.
  8. chinny7150

    Abandonment if I don't pick up over time shifts??

    I sympathize. You could file harrassment charges against her if this abuse continues. Keep your nose to the grind stone if you like the place that you work. Document her mis-behavior, and keep on trucking. If you don't care about that place, find another job. You were looking for a job when you got that one.
  9. chinny7150

    allnurses Ebola Preparedness Survey Makes the News.

    Hey we are all Nurses here. Each has their own expertise. I value all Nursing personnel including CNA's. I am a RN and have been for over 30 years. I always listen to my co-workers, have assisted the team in anyway that I could, for the patient's sake. You are valued. You are needed. I was you a long time ago and know the challenges facing you. Thank God for LPN's, and CNA's and RN's. We can't be proactive without each other. Patients come before all others... NO?
  10. chinny7150

    allnurses Ebola Preparedness Survey Makes the News.

    I do not think 'we' are prepared for this particular infectious disease. Not yet. I do believe that we Nurses can adequately take care of an Ebola patient AFTER proper training, right protective gear, assistant to help gown and un-gown. Universal guidelines to follow much like we have in place that meet the criteria for say MRSA, measles, AIDS. Throughout the country certain hospitals should be chosen to care for Ebola victims, and others quarantined due to exposure . Those hospitals and Nurses that are qualified to care for an infectious disease such as Ebola with added training would be successful in stopping the spread of that virus. Hey CDC, get those guidelines out and also help distribute adequate PPE.
  11. chinny7150

    Dilaudid Max Dose

    I work in a rural hospital in the ER. Dilaudid is the number one choice of pain med for one doctor. Last night I gave a young man of 46-6 mg IV Dilaudid over 1 hrs time. When we finally caught up and relieved his pain he was max-sedated, respirations at 14. O2 at 6L per NC kept his sats above 90 but you had to be at bedside and constantly monitor him for respirations and adjust the oxygen as needed. From 2130 to 0500 he received a total of 11mg of Dilaudid. I was not comfortable with giving that much Dilaudid nor the condition of my patient.
  12. chinny7150

    Success Returning to Nursing

    forgot, yes i am an rn, but i use to be a lpn and landed a job right away just out of school with the above attributes mentioned above... got to work in a rehab unit... so go for it girl
  13. chinny7150

    Success Returning to Nursing

    go to your job interview with confidence and you will get hired. that's all it takes is you knowing that you CAN DO IT. so go with a smile, talk about your stregnths and love for pt care. you will get a job..... no prob
  14. chinny7150

    Success Returning to Nursing

    I was born a travel nurse of all things. sink or swim training. lol... was a nurse for 15 years, out for 10 and i am now the "antique" at age 60.... i was charge nurse who ran the er for my first job, did the same with others until icu, then hearts. i love heart pts.. er is cool, get to be a detective.... dabbled in med surg, and neuro. was real good at starting impossible ivs. and catching any change with the pts... i love to make them smile and feel good for a little bit while they are in the hospital. i think that is my true calling.... so there it is...
  15. chinny7150


    lets negotiate, email chinny7150@yahoo.com. if you will look i posted about how much it is worth to me.... i want one very very much thanks for the reply
  16. chinny7150


    how about we negotiate over email. mine is chinny7150@yahoo.com i am thinking about enough for lunch out with a friend, movies for 2, somewhere around that line. as i can't get one at any pharmacy not even ours, i am willing to pay waaayyyy more than it was worth when bought....