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Mom to 5 wonderful kids! Including a 5 month old! Wife to a wonderful husband and Rural nurse.

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  1. OB question

    I really appreciate everyones insight, Thank you so much! :) Your experience helps. Julie
  2. OB question

    Hello, They say they only have about 50 births a year. As for monitoring skills I am learning on the job. They need nurses so bad, they cannot afford to be picky, the nurses here have to do everything, er, ob, med/surg, cardiac etc. I am going t...
  3. OB question

    Hello again!:balloons: I have a question about laboring mothers. Since our hospital is so small we don't have "OB nurses" so whoever is on at the time is the one who is with the patient. Since I am new I have yet to work in this area and the other da...
  4. Culture shock!

    Hello, my name is Julie and I just started working at a very small rural hospital. This hospital has 12 beds on the floor and 3 ER rooms. We also have 3 OB rooms. I am coming from working on a neuro vascular floor at a large hospital in Portland Oreg...