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  1. What's the nicest thing a patient has done for you?

    I love working with the elderly people which is why I chose LTC, just the people Ive met are exceptional, just to sit down and have conversations with them is truely amazing. They've lived 5 times as long as me, so they really do know a lot. One 96 ...
  2. How many of you do rotating shifts? Day and night?

    My boss schedules me 3 to 11 then 7 to 3 all the time. I thought I would be ok doing it because I am young, but Ive been there for a year and its really starting to get to me. Ive never complained, but it seems to me the people who complain always ...
  3. Scheduling...

    Apparently we are suppose to get every other weekend off, except I have worked every weekend since August of 2010!
  4. is it wrong to sit on a patients bed?

    I always do it, sometimes I even lay down:clown:
  5. Hi everyone, I need to interview a social worker for a school paper, Im just wondering if there are any on here who would want to be interviewed?? Thanks!
  6. "They give the meds, we do the care"

    Yeah they paid for a few people to go to nursing school!
  7. Can someone reassure me?

    I think nurses can loose their license for not properly disposing of used needles...or at least get fired. Thats a big thing at my work! I wouldnt say it was your fault at all.
  8. "They give the meds, we do the care"

    I was just watching that! I thought that comment was nuts, apparently noone really knows what goes on. it would be nice to have my ceo or president be on that show, then they could see what REALLY goes on, but of course that wont happen because our ...
  9. Im a PCA, and at my work the CNAs get paid more than we do. I am not a CNA, or certified as one, but as a PCA, we give meds, take vitals, serve meals, do toileting, grooming, showering, housekeeping, and pretty much everything else. my question is wh...
  10. how can you tell a drama queen?

    :banghead:We have this lady at my work (LTC) who is known to be a drama queen, she is always in some kind of pain, ANYTHING you can think of she has it. Anyways, she has had 3 strokes in her lifetime which is why she is there, (she is fairly young i...
  11. Just so everyone knows, I didnt know it was so uncommon for pcas to be giving medications...Anyways, I do pass meds, do cna type work, housekeeping, serve meals and help with all the other bs, in ltc assisted living...(which i can assure you not man...
  12. Im allowed to pour and pass pills, do some treatments, and blood sugars insulin all that because i am "med trained"
  13. I was in the middle of my 8pm med pass and everything that is anything was going on, call bells ringing, people falling you name it. Just as I was about to go into a patients room to give him his pills, another resident rang their call bell, well I ...
  14. would this be a hipaa violation?

    Yes I am talking about a resident... pt. its LTC. And yes my coworker talks to the pt about other pts... i jus feel awkward, because it puts a strain on the relationship with me and the pt because she doesnt like me because i dont tell her crap!! s...
  15. would this be a hipaa violation?

    One of my coworkers is very close with one of our residents, theyve just become good friends since my coworker started working there...like they go out to dinner, and talk on the phone ... whatever.. Anyways, this coworker I always overhear her telli...