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  1. gracey grace

    passed or failed may 18, 2011

    really?..when did you took it?..i'm losing hope now..i think i didn't pass..now all i can do is wait the letter...
  2. gracey grace

    passed or failed may 18, 2011

    i know and that made me sad..cause i'm not sure if i did read it very will or i was being careless.. and i'm trying to see now if i got it or not..but my name didn't appeared in the CA brn..or should i wait one more day to see it again?
  3. gracey grace

    passed or failed may 18, 2011

    hi..i took my exam last Wednesday april 18 and i stopped at 76 in half an hour..im really quite nervous:uhoh21: ..how long does it takes before they mail the result here in Philadelphia but i applied the license in california?please everyone i need help..thank you..
  4. gracey grace

    Yaaay took my NCLEX in ca and got my results fast!

    how did you got your result?..i took it last may 18 i applied for license in CA but i took my test in PA..do you know when i will got the result?..plzzz thank you.. Congratulations to you..^^
  5. gracey grace

    NCLEX RN MAY test takers in CALIFORNIA

    did you guys got your result yet?..how long did it took to see your results? i took the test last may 18..and i went to the site but my name didn't appeared that means i didnt pass? plzzz help thank you