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  1. Do men in healthcare suffer from burnout?

    Well and the stigma too that men are no supposed to break down and need help.
  2. A disgruntled ex calling the bon on me.

    I did not know about this anonymous complaint thing ... I agree one should be able to face their accuser, other wise you would be at a serious disadvantage in defending yourself against the accusation. If it where me, I would simply respond by sayin...
  3. Do men in healthcare suffer from burnout?

    I worked as a hospital chaplain and part of the work I did was in the mental health department. There was as many men as woman there, dealing with care giver's burn out. I myself had to deal with it, after several weeks of dealing with dying children...
  4. Online CPR certification?

    I manage a CPR certification business, and more and more hospitals are very careful about what they will and will not accept. Your best bet is to use a local instructor, who is associated with the AHA ...