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  1. Protocols for administering 3% NS in ICU setting?

    im farely new at my job. but i know if we are administering ns 3% we have to check chem 10 q6
  2. Tell me what it's like in your Trauma ICU!

    strawberry- I am not allowed to send any private messages til i have 15 post(thats what it says), But yea we are going to be co workers how great. Im in the same exact boat as you i just took my ekg test and passed it. I am also waiting for my budget...
  3. Tell me what it's like in your Trauma ICU!

    Wow! your situation is very similar to mines. I am a new grad that just got hired into a trauma icu which is also split into a cardio thoracic icu. I also read the icufaqs. and bought the aacn book haha. Did you get hired at la county? and where did ...
  4. I just got hired this week at a trauma ICU as an RN in a level 1 trauma center. My training with a preceptor is only 6-8 weeks. Can anyone provide me with any tips? I have already bought AACN Essentials of ICU Nursing, and have started reading the fi...
  5. New grad nurses- what did you do to get hired?

    I recently graduated dec. 2010 with an ADN. I actually had 2 job offers yesterday at a county hosp. and community hosp this was after four months of searching and 5 interviews. I can offer you some tips in a list with some of my personal exp. Keep in...