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  1. ngaka

    Question about CGFNS process...

    i sent mine through the market street address( physical address ) and was received on the 28th dec,by the 10th of january my status was still awaiting for documents.I contacted them and they said it takes 7 to 15 days to update a file,then 8 to 10 weeks to give a report. Its frustarting but keep your head high and keep checking. am consoling myself with a bowl of popcorns while waiting for my status update.:)
  2. ngaka

    International nurse SO lost in CA

    The easiest way to get registered is through the california bon.They dont require cgfns CES but will definately require a transcript directly from your school. once all your documents are reviewed,then you will be given authorization to test for NCLEX. Its way easier rather than dealing with cgfns who will take like forever just to give you a course by course evaluation.They are terrible with customer care! its good to deal with them when you are not in a hurry otherwise Cal BON is the way to go!
  3. ngaka

    I need help with my ces report..

    hi, did you finally get your feed back from cgfns? am in the same predicament too and its really frustrating.
  4. I am looking for any kenyan trained nurse in the usa for some advice.