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  1. Hard Decision

    Well, I shadowed and it was a slow day. The staff did seem to work well together. I like the manager. The schedule is the only drawback that I can think of and I know what will have to personally.......
  2. Take a pay cut AND work M-F?

    I am in almost the same exact position. I am debating on whether to leave weekend nights in ICU to go to M-F 0830-1700 in radiology. I am terrible at making personal decsions. You could try making a pros and cons list about the change and see what th...
  3. Hard Decision

    The department is pretty large. I would be doing MOSTLY angio, but occasionally do MRI, CT, PICC insertion (after training), etc... The nurses do seem to enjoy it there and get along well with the radiologist. I go to shadow Monday and will be able ...
  4. Hard Decision

    Hello, I am looking for advice about changing from critical care nursing to angiography/radiology nursing. I currently work in the cardio-thoracic ICU. I've done bedisde nursing for 7 years now, critical care for 5 years. I think the change would be ...