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  1. jillianbeans

    Hey, Iowa Nurses!

    1. Jill 2. Rural NW Iowa 3. Johnson County Comm. College (Overland Park, KS) for ADN, graduated in May 4. Part time in LTC, and prn for pediatric home health 5. So far, getting hired by both the jobs I interviewed for :)
  2. jillianbeans

    Nursing Salary Survey 2014

    Geographic location = Small town NW Iowa Pay rate = $20/hr base pay In which area / specialty do you work? = Long term care What type of license do you have (RN or LPN)? RN ADN new grad 2013 What type of degree and/or certification do you have? ADN (and unrelated BA) How many years of experience do you have? 3 months... new grad Are you full-time, part-time, or casual / per diem / PRN status? Part-time What shift do you work? 3p-11p Do you receive any shift differential? yes, about $1 each, plus holiday pay on holidays Are you a manager or supervisor? Yes- I am charge when I'm working I also have a prn job doing pediatric home health care for critical but stable peds pts (ventilators, g-tubes, etc) and make $18/hr at that job with no shift differential/overtime/holiday pay etc
  3. jillianbeans

    What is Nursing school really like?

    If you are really worried this might happen, then why not get a job as a CNA now or over the summer? In the nursing program I attend, that is a prerequisite anyway. What a great way to sort of get your feet wet and also get the answer to the above problem. I think it would be better to find out NOW if you're going to be too squeamish, so you can surrender your seat to someone else who would probably kill to have it...and so you can move on with your own future plans.
  4. jillianbeans

    Interview Questions When Entering Nursing School

    I am in my second semester of the RN program at JCCC. I interviewed for both the LPN and RN programs. There was only one interviewer for the RN program, but there were three people in the room for my LPN interview. I don't know if I would have been accepted to the LPN program because when I received my acceptance to the RN program I withdrew my LPN application. Good luck with your interview!
  5. jillianbeans

    JCCC Clinical locations

    Clinicals are all over the metro area, some people go to the Northland LTAC, which is up north of the river near Parkville, some people go as far east as Crittenton (for mental health), so depending on where you live you could be driving close to an hour to get to your clinical site. You'll only have 2 clinical days a week though, usually Tuesday and Wednesday (a few people get the odd Thursday or Saturday clinical though!) Good luck!
  6. jillianbeans

    Starting RN program at JCCC Aug. 22?

    Hi, who else is getting ready to start the RN program at JCCC next week? My kids went back to school yesterday, so I'm starting to feel excited for my own classes to begin.
  7. jillianbeans

    What are your nursing school uniform colors?

    Burgundy pants and tops, I think they are comfortable and nice looking. I got Landau brand but there is another kind that's allowed. Black or white shoes, no extra openings. I'm looking for a pair of naturalizers before I start next week. I'm at JCCC in Kansas. (RN) The LPN students have a different uniform and there is a lot of white in theirs.
  8. jillianbeans

    What are your other degrees in?

    I have a BA in Economics from FSU, but I received it over 10 years ago. Then I worked for a few years, and had some children...now my youngest is 4 years old and started preschool yesterday. I start my RN program on Monday.
  9. jillianbeans


    I just finished taking nutrition and it was a killer class. I barely scraped an A and I have a 4.0. I was sure this was going to be the class that would bring me down! There wasn't a horrible amount of math but there was a LOT to memorize about metabolism, vitamins and minerals and their sources and function in the body, etc. I took it online through my college and I think it might not have been as difficult if I'd taken it on campus, but how can I know that for sure? I think it would be do-able during a summer semester if it's the only thing you're taking during summer, though. Good luck!
  10. jillianbeans

    JCCC RN program

    Congratulations! Did you go to the "mandatory" thing today at the Carlsen Center about the study JCCC is participating in this fall? /yawn... But it will be nice to have all our ATI fees paid for the whole program! From listening to questions today, it sounds like we won't be doing very much 6am stuff...in fact it sounds like 8am is a normal time to be expected to report for class or clinical or simulation lab. I'm in the same boat with 3 kids to get off to school/preschool and a traveling husband but I don't think I'm going to have to call in too many favors...at least not the first year.
  11. jillianbeans

    Pre nursing student needs advice

    Getting licensed as a CNA was actually a prerequisite of applying to the nursing program I'm starting in August. The community college I attend has CNA courses and I believe they cost about a third of what you were quoted. Check into your local community college and see if they offer a class. You might also see if there are any nursing homes or ltc facilities close by that offer CNA training as part of the job. That is how I first started working as a CNA (about 15 years ago, in Florida). Good luck- and congratulations on getting into a nursing program!
  12. jillianbeans

    RN or EL-MSN programs near Olathe?

    I have a BA (in another field) and I've been accepted to the RN program at JCCC for Fall 2011. I'm not eligible for Pell grants because I completed my BA but I am eligible for Stafford loans if I want to take them- I think you can get $9500 a year. I'm not sure of that number because the tuition at JCCC is so low that I can swing it without any student loans. I applied to other area accelerated BSN programs and the only one I've heard from so far is KU-Med, and it was a rejection letter. From what I've heard they prefer to fill their nursing class with students who did their earlier undergrad work there. I'm not sure if that's true but I thought it was worth mentioning...
  13. jillianbeans

    CNA class at Kansas College of Nursing?

    I also got my CNA through Kansas College of Nursing and had a great experience. It was awesome to get it done in a month or so instead of dragging it out for a whole semester, and the actual education was top notch.
  14. jillianbeans

    JCCC RN program

    I got my acceptance packet today!!! It was sent by certified mail so I had to sign for it...woohooooooo!
  15. jillianbeans

    Patient Care Tech's out there?How do I get your job?

    There are other ways to get a CNA besides going through JCCC. I am a student at JCCC but I took the CNA course through Kansas College of Nursing in Olathe. It was 5 weeks, Monday through Thursday 7am-2pm. Let me see if I can find a web link... http://kansascollegeofnursing.com/ It was a little more expensive than JCCC's CNA but you will have an easier time getting into a class there. I feel that the CNA training there was fine, and I passed the test the first time I took it. The instructors I had were knowledgeable. The school is in a strip mall in Olathe, but don't be put off by the way it looks from the outside. A classroom is a classroom, and you'll have a great experience there.
  16. jillianbeans

    JCCC RN program

    I had my interview at JCCC and it was so nerve-wracking! The interview is scheduled for a 20 minute slot, and the interviewer had a dozen (or maybe it was ten?) questions to ask. She started off by introducing herself and then saying "I have x number of questions, so let's get started!" Some of them were typical "Why do you want to get into the ADN program at JCCC?" and "In 30 seconds, name the three most important qualities that you think a nurse needs to have", but then there were some oddball scenario "What would you do in this situation?" questions too. The time really flew past! At the end she asked if I had any questions for her, so I asked the one I'd thought up ahead of time, and then our time was up. She shook my hand and told me that she felt I was a strong candidate, and that decisions would be made by mid-May... I answered the questions the best way that I could think of, and I don't think I gave any "wrong" answers, so we shall see... One thing I should have asked her but didn't think to ask was what the hours are like for a student who does get in. I need to submit my preschool hours request by the end of next week!