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  1. LaraBethRN

    Health First in Brevard County

    Thanks again for all the info! :) I may look into Wuesthoff in Melbourne (not Rockledge) because I've heard that the Melbourne location is generally better. I am just so afraid of moving to Melbourne and not having a job to start by September. I'd probably be willing to at least do something rather than nothing, even if it isn't ideal! And I totally understand your position, as I am making the move to Melbourne for a significant other and his career. I can't just take my dream job here in Gainesville and be living 3 hours away for 2+ years! He is going to be working for Brevard Anesthesia, which is the group that covers all of Holmes Regional... and you would think that would help me with the job search but up to this point it hasn't gotten me very far! May be in due time though... once he starts there. Good luck with everything and lets keep our fingers crossed for all of us out there who are having difficulties finding jobs as new RNs!
  2. LaraBethRN

    Health First in Brevard County

    Thanks again Cyram! I know the title of this thread is Health First, but have you tried applying to Wuesthoff? Any luck there at all? I also applied there, and attempted to contact the recruiters. I have heard nothing, however, this was only a few weeks ago so I guess it could just take longer. I'm starting to think I just need to make a trip down and go visit in person to all the hospitals. Somehow figure out how to directly contact managers?! Not sure how I'm gonna work all this out but I feel like I'm starting to get desperate! I am afraid of too much time going by and not starting to work and therefore not keeping up my skills... scary thought after all the hard work to get to where I'm at now. Not to mention, my current salary is seriously lacking haha!
  3. LaraBethRN

    Health First in Brevard County

    :) please let me know if you find out any more info on the new grad positions coming up in September! I was told by the recruiters (who knows how much help they really are) that I needed to reapply in the end of July for the upcoming fall new grad programs. I have no clue how many spots there are and how many they can take. I wish I knew more info but they won't get back to me. This is so frustrating at this point. I have 3 years exp. as a tech in an ICU, did 120+ hrs transition clinical in ICU, and had very good grades at the top of my class. I am also signed up for ACLS later this month. I feel like I should be a strong candidate yet I'm getting nowhere fast! I am considering just showing up at the hospital and trying to go to managers offices in person with resume in hand. It is hard because we don't actually move to Melbourne til end of August and I'm still 3 hours away right now. Shands wants a minimum of two years, so that doesn't look good for me and now I'm back to desperately trying to find a job in Melbourne again. If you find anything else out please let me know and if I do I will do that same. Thanks a good luck :) at least we know we are not alone!
  4. LaraBethRN

    Grad nurse positions in Brevard County

    Hi! Does anyone else know of when the next time will be for hiring new grads anywhere in Brevard county? I am planning to move to Melbourne area in September and so far I have not been able to get my foot in the door. Health First told me that they do not currently have any new GN/RN positions but will open up some coming up in the fall. Does anyone know any more details about these upcoming fall programs and how many spots there might be?! Its been diffficult thus far to get any good information through the recruiters that I've talked to. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  5. LaraBethRN

    Health First in Brevard County

    That's helpful that your school actually arranges for you to meet with the recruiters. I believe I was actually in contact with the specific Holmes recruiter who is in charge of the GN programs. She didn't give me much help, just said no new RNs right now and that they have another upcoming program for fall (September I guess?) but whenever I asked about it I was ignored and didn't get anymore info about it. Another recruiter just told me to reapply again the end of July. Hopefully I should have my ACLS by that point too. Let us know if you find out any good or useful info from the meeting with the GN program recruiter :)
  6. LaraBethRN

    Health First in Brevard County

    Hi, I am having similar problems trying to get my foot in the door at Health First, mainly Holmes Regional. I have been trying to get a job there as an RN, and I'm a new RN so I guess I have to do some sort of "program" or residency that they only offered a few times per year. They have basically told me that right now they are not hiring any new RNs at all period. I'm stuck and not sure what to do... I really need to move to Melbourne for personal reasons but if I can't get a job then I can't keep turning jobs away here at Shands and North FL in Gainesville. Please let me know if anyone has found any tips or has any advice about how to get your foot in the door at Holmes Regional. Thanks :)
  7. LaraBethRN

    Soon-to-be BSN looking for Critical Care positions in Central Florida

    Hi! I am also in a similar situation, and maybe we could help each other... or at least get some others to chime in with their expert knowledge :) I am a new RN with desire to stay in critical care, particularly Trauma. I also currently work in the trauma ICU at Shands UF in Gainesville as a tech. I am trying to move to Melbourne in September because my boyfriend got a job there with Brevard Anesthesia. The job search has led me to nothing but dead end roads so far. Holmes Regional has told me that they are not hiring ANY new RNs until later on this fall. I guess they do new RN programs like residencies a few times a year. I'm still waiting to find out more info but have been somewhat ignored at this point and told to come back at the end of the month to start trying again. Due to all of this, I have no begun persuing an ICU job here at Shands, since I am already well established there in 3 different ICUs with trauma being my home for the past 3 years. I'm pretty sure I can get the job here, but then I'm only doing this temporarily until Holmes can decide they will hire me after I get my year of experience. Ideally I'd still like to get a job at Holmes even if I have to start lower than the ICU and work my way up. Have you had any success with applying for jobs at Holmes? Any tips or advice? This has been so frustrating
  8. LaraBethRN

    looking for best ICU workplaces in Melbourne/Cocoa FL

    Hi everyone! I realize this post is older but I'm hoping to get it going again :) I am planning to move to Melbourne in September with my boyfriend who got hired with Brevard Anesthesia. I also have family in the area. I'm currently in Gainesville and am a new RN fresh out of school. I've been working in the ICUs at Shands as a tech for 3 years and would love to continue in critical care. My issue is, it has seemed nearly impossible to get my foot in the door somewhere in Melbourne. Health First told me that they aren't hiring new grads at all now until the fall sometime, and now I can't get them to tell me much more. I applied online and contacted recruiters at Rockledge too, but haven't heard anything yet. We have tried to pull out any possible "ins" or resources with zero luck. Anyone have any advice or anything helpful? I'd really appreciate it :)
  9. LaraBethRN

    Hospitals near Satellite Beach

    Hi all, I am also a new grad and was planning to move to Melbourne in August or September but now I don't even know if I can my boyfriend got a job with Brevard Anesthesia, and has a minimum 1 year contract. The problem is, it's been impossible to geta job so far at Holmes or any Health First hospital. The nurse recruiters told me they aren't hiring ANY new RNs until later in the fall, then they start a new program. I keep asking about more info on this "program" but I've kind of just been ignored now... Very frustrating. I believe I'm a good candidate... 3 years ICU experience as a tech, top of my nursing class, good references, etc. I'm getting nowhere fast and now considering staying here in Gainesville and working in one of the ICUs. I can absolutely get a job here and they hire new RNs all the time. Its just not ideal for me to stay and then my boyfriend moves 3 hours away to Melbourne. Has anyone else had this issue in Melbourne or have any tips on how to get my foot in the door at Holmes? Anyone know details about these new grads programs? Thanks for any help!!! :)
  10. LaraBethRN

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    I got the "good" pop-up when I tried the trick and I'm wishing and praying and hoping its correct and I passed. I too felt very much the same as others have described after leaving the testing center today. I was a very good student in school, got good grades, etc. I took the Kaplan review and did all the question trainers and was scoring well according to Kaplan. I felt horrible during the test today and thought I was failing... felt like I knew nothing! It was so hard! My heart was practically pounding out of my chest. It was so nerve-racking! Not like what I expected at all! I really hope that it is true that I passed and hope that this is of some help to those of you who also felt really nervous after the test... you are not alone! Good vibes sent out to all who are waiting for official results