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  1. dgolden

    Suggested Nursing exam help Books

    wow, thank you so much everyone! I really appreciate all your help!
  2. dgolden

    Anatomy & Physiology (1 and 2) + Microbiology = SUMMER

    Hi Nurse-Mode-On, I have to agree with the others...Take it slower with these pre-reqs!!! I would NOT recommend taking A&P 1, and 2 and Micro in the same summer, because all 3 are so important to nursing, are large amounts of memorization and require lots of individual attention. If you want to take 3, swap out that microbio for a few others you mentioned such as human development, etc something less memorization-heavy. I have learned that those particular pre-reqs are not only so important for nursing, but for acceptance into nursing school, and you really want those grades to be especially strong:) Just my two cents!!! Best of luck to you!
  3. dgolden

    tips for nursing school interview? anyone?

    The best advice I got was to be honest and sincere. They can tell if you are not being yourself, or saying things you think they would want to hear. I agree with the posts above that you should be prepared for those questions. I like the dress idea above, and if it isnt that dressy, nice slacks and dress shirt is nice too. I dont think being overdressed at an interview could really be a bad thing, so when in doubt, I would dress up more. My boyfriend reminded me 1000 times to make sure I had light/unchipped clear nails, as when he interviews people he said its really distracting and unprofessional so I will pass that advice along too! haha. Other great advice I got for my interview was, if they ask if you have questions, make sure you do! try not to select questions that you could find on their website like "whats your G.P.A requirement?" , but instead sincere, and intriguing questions, such as " what nursing specific clubs and organizations I could attend?" It shows your interest. Do your research before hand, and showcase it! If you know their nclex pass rate (and like it) for example, you can say, "Its really important to me that I attend a school with such an impressive pass rate, such as your 97% etc) or mention a class etc. I also would remind to send a written (avoid email) thank you note. Its kind and keeps you in their mind. I really loved the interview, because I think it really worked in my favor, so use it to your advantage and relax! This is a great step! :) Good luck!
  4. dgolden

    Suggested Nursing exam help Books

    Thank you so much for the advice!! I will look into those :)
  5. dgolden

    Suggested Nursing exam help Books

    Hi all! I am starting nursing school this upcoming fall, and was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for books that would teach me how to answer nursing/nclex exam type questions. I am coming from a science background, and much of my test taking skills are using memorization, which I am quickly learning is not the case for nursing school. I got the Saunders NCLEX prep as an early congratulatory gift from my friend , and it looks great, but I think I still need something that teaches me HOW to answer. :) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!! Good luck to all!
  6. dgolden

    Just for fun; Quotes you use for encourgement

    "Nursing school is a climb but the view is amazing"- My godmother :)
  7. dgolden

    So Fustrated!! Please help!!

    First off, to Butterfly 0328: I am so sorry of all the things you are coping with. It is really admirable that you are still pursuing this path, and working hard. I really sincerely hope your life has some peace soon. I will definitely keep your son in my prayers as well. Best of luck to you and your family. To acollin6: I am also sorry that A&P is not going your way. I have some ideas that helped me, and hopefully you as well :) First off, have you identified the real issue with A&P? for instance, is it the amount of material per week you have trouble understanding, the actual material, are you finding you run out of time during tests, or is the wording of the exams? Since you are doing so well in lab, I am wondering if it is a test type issue.. I've been there!! My professor used to write answer choices like this a) Crohns Disease b) A and C but not D c) D on saturdays e) A, B, D not C. And the whole test was deciphering the answers! There are ways around this I promise!! Also, perhaps working in a group would help you remember the material as you would speak it out loud, and other people may explain things in a way that makes sense. Overall, it couldnt hurt. Does your book come with a CD? if it does, the CD may offer great practice tests. and often, profs take questions from those tests. Personally, I didnt love the flashcards in A&P 2 because I found the material required to be understand in order, so maybe a flow chart or outline is a better visual explanation. Sorry to ramble! Hope this helps and best of luck!!
  8. dgolden

    Post B.S. Low GPA and A Few Low Pre-Req

    First off, keep your head up! Where there is a will, there is a way! :) I know its easier said than done, but there are ways to help your situation... I would definitely retake microbio (granted you may face some issues with schools who dont allow retakes, but many are fine with it) CC's are a great place to do that, in terms of saving $$. Apply to a whole bunch of programs ( ASN, BSN). All programs have their strengths and weaknesses, but its very important to just get yourself out there, so that YOU can hopefully make the choice where you end up. You never truly know what each school is looking for, and although you make think one school is harder, or more strict, they may be intrigued with your premed degree etc. Basically, dont scratch any program off the list yet without more info. Make your resume look as enticing as possible despite the lower grades. Whether you have volunteer experience, internships etc include everything and if you havent, see if you have time to include such an opportunity in your schedule. The CNA track will not only help you, especially in your clinical skills, but will also look great to the nursing schools. If any of your schools offer an optional interview, take it!!! Explain yourself ( without going in too much detail) and ask great qs and show interest. Its just another way to look great and interested. Lastly, if they dont offer that option, see if you can go in for an open house or tour, and talk to someone in person :) Sorry to ramble, hope this helps! Good luck!!!
  9. dgolden

    My situtation (adn vs. bsn)

    I think you should apply to ALL programs that interest you! Nursing school is very competitive these days, and having a nice list of schools is always helpful. Go to many different open houses or sessions if available and see which program appeals to you. Both ADN and BSN have their strong points, and even their weaknesses. An open mind is a great thing to have when you are applying among a competitive pool. I chose a BSN because it fit my situation best, but make no mistake had ADN programs on my list :) One thing I just wanted to point out, is that there is an track now at many schools where you can go from an RN (ADN) to a MSN without the BSN. Of course, there are also RN-BSN-MSN programs, but just wanted to clear that up. Hope that helps and good luck!
  10. dgolden

    Microbiology help?

    I think if you got through Chem, you will find micro easier and (believe it or not) more fun! I didnt necessarily found the two subjects relatable, but micro definitely had more memorization, but most people in my class (including myself) found it fascinating! I sincerely believe if you go to a class with an open mind and try to *enjoy* it for what it is, you will do well! I thought physiology would be miserable, and had a bad attitude about it for the first test and didnt do great. Then, I tried to see the humor in the professor, studied harder, and ended up loving it. Great attitudes can make the world of difference! Good luck, you will do great!
  11. I took physiology in the summer in a 6 week and it was definitely doable ( if you have to go this route) especially if you have already taken anatomy. However, given the choice, I think Micro is a great choice between the two, because, like others have said, it is not AS pertinent to the foundation of nursing. For either of the courses, I would try to lessen your schedule as much as possible for those 6 week...and I would only take 1 summer course at a time, b/c you will need to divide a lot of attention to it! You can do it!! Best of luck!
  12. dgolden

    Simmons versus MGH Direct Entry Nursing

    Thank you so much for your advice! Best of luck with it, and for the rest of your career! Its a lot of work but will be so rewarding:)
  13. dgolden

    Simmons versus MGH Direct Entry Nursing

    Hi LGD2011, I was just curious what community college you were completing chem 2, and how you are doing/did in it. I am completing it this summer as my final pre-req to nursing school and am slightly nervous, as I found gen chem challenging. Thanks for any imput and best of luck!! dgolden
  14. dgolden

    Middlesex Community College/Bedford or Lowell

    Thank you so much! Best of luck to you!!! :)
  15. dgolden

    anyone from middlesex community college rn program

    no worries! perhaps I will see you in class this summer! Im taking it at the bedford campus, if you are as well?? when you can PM, feel free to and best of luck!