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  1. https://www.wcpo.com/news/state/state-ohio/hospital-poor-decisions-by-staff-giving-outsize-pain-meds
  2. Verthandi

    MT SAC FALL 2018

    Hi all, I'm looking for housing. A room for rent or a room to share. Also carpooling from the Inland Empire.
  3. Verthandi

    MT SAC FALL 2018

    Not sure if Pasadena is too far for you, but the application period for Pasadena City College is April 1 - April 30.
  4. Verthandi

    MT SAC FALL 2018

    The counselor I met with also said during the first or second week of April, Mt. SAC should contact us again and tell us our status in the program (accepted, alternate, etc.) He also said orientation should be in June or July. I think he said orientation is one week long, full-time days.
  5. Verthandi

    MT SAC FALL 2018

    My appointment was only 10-15 minutes. The counselor just seemed to check that the info I put on my application (GPA, units earned, etc.) matched what my official transcripts said.
  6. Verthandi

    MT SAC FALL 2018

    Thanks for the tip about the spam folder. I got the e-mail as well!
  7. Verthandi

    Would you report this?

    I start my shift at the same time that another nurse's shift ends. His documentation says that he leaves at the same time that my shift starts. Yet, I do not see this person at the start of my shift, the parents are there. Would you report this?
  8. looks like the Red Cross in Canoga Park is starting a weekend class in 2 days: schedule

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