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  1. darling2014

    Anyone else feel this way?

    To all starting in Aug, Rest! Relax! Sleep!!! NS has a way of covertly taking over your life...you may miss resting, relaxing, and sleeping.
  2. darling2014

    Clinical Instructors; Drill Sergeants

    I too have experienced the wrath of a clinical instructor. Never did get them figured out, but back to you: I wholeheartedly agree with the first comment; don't let someone who may have any number of reasons to act they way they do affect YOUR plans, and YOUR life! Easy for me to say, but try and tune her out, let her words just roll off of you like a rainy downpour. I take things too much to heart: I'm still crying over getting laid off from a waitressing job four months ago! But this is nursing school, we're tough, and there are thousands who can relate to your pain right now. We're all in this together! We're the class who are going to break the "nurses eat their young" trend! Hang in there:)
  3. jboogie617, I'm just going to go ahead and thank you now:) I'm on day 4 and I can already see the value of your advice!
  4. darling2014

    First Day of Nursing School Tomorrow

    Thank you and congrats and good luck to you too! I start at RCC tomorrow, and I'm nervous and excited.
  5. darling2014

    1st A&P Tests!

    By the way, 85 on an A&P test is a GREAT grade!
  6. darling2014

    Looking into ALL nursing schools..Advice, please?

    Is moving an option? It sounds like you were really close, I'm sorry you didn't get in.
  7. darling2014

    RCC ADN Fall 2011 Start

    Cool! I did get my scrubs; about three days after I heard I was in:) I am excited too, but a bit intimidated by the very large stack of books on my desk! It's great to hear from a fellow student!
  8. darling2014

    LPN or RN

    I would go for the RN because there is more opportunity to continue your education. Other than that I've heard that LPN's have similar job descriptions. I don't know from personal experience, I'm just starting my RN program on the 26Th of this month.
  9. darling2014

    chemistry conversion...lost

    This looks hard but it's not so bad; you've probably done canceling before in math. You can cancel the units themselves, so, the ones that appear on the top and the bottom can cancel each other out, so you get 12x1x453.6x51 g. on the top, and 6x16x1x100 cakes on the bottom. 277603.2 g. / 9600 cakes equals 28.9 g./cake Reply if you need more help. Good luck! I don't know why but I like these problems:)
  10. darling2014

    Hopeful... But very discouraged

    My school is the same way; only the nursing pre-reqs are considered in your admission consideration GPA. I have incompletes, withdrawals, retakes, Z's( I don't even know what those ARE!) all over my transcript. But I did well in pre-reqs and that's all that matters. Anyway, don't be discouraged! Good luck to you!
  11. darling2014

    OREGON Admissions process.. Help!

    Hi, here is the breakdown at Rogue Community College: "Information About 2011 Selection Process and Points Applicant pools vary from year to year, but students often ask about GPA ranges and points for students who are accepted into the program. In 2011, over 200 students applied to the RCC Nursing Program, with 194 meeting at least the minimum requirements and considered qualified. Of the top 85—those who went to the phase 2 essay session—the GPA range was 3.50-4.0 (the average of the GPAs was between 3.7 and 3.8). Of the 70 points possible in phase 1, the range for the top 85 was 51.21-65.00. After Phase 2 was completed, 36 accepted students and 25 alternates were identified from the top 85 students. Accepted students’ prerequisite GPA ranged from 3.51-4.0. The range of final selection process points among the 36 accepted students was 73.12-91.50."
  12. darling2014

    Is anyone volunteering?

    I looked into it, but at the hospitals here I need my own health insurance, which is a bit out of reach at the moment. I hope to be able to at some point before I graduate.
  13. darling2014

    LPN or RN any difference?

    Thank you for the great advice.
  14. darling2014

    Newbie w/introductions

    Hi, it's nice of you to share. I hope nursing school goes well for you. I start in late September, and am getting kind of excited. Good luck!
  15. darling2014

    Surviving and PASSING A&P

    Hmmm.. Words of encouragement..I guess attitude is important. If you are genuinely interested in the science of the body that is a good motivator. One thing I did to help retain the visual stuff, like ID'ing bone, muscle, cell, etc. parts, was to make copies of pictures and white out the labels, then make copies of those, and print out several, then write the labels on several times. My lab partner would make these amazing sheets that she would paste the pictures on, then label with letters or numbers everything in the picture and write out the list next to it. She would quiz herself with those, and she always did really well on lab tests. Another thing is, they may tell you to read chapters twice. They're not kidding. I am amazed at the things I missed the first time when rereading a chapter. Biological science classes are not like other classes, there are so many little details. And don't get behind. Let your friends go to that movie without you for now. Best of luck to you! (Although it's about hard work not luck;))