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  1. Need help finding work.

    I recently had my first interview and it did not go well, didnt get the job... here is what hurt me, i have a lvn license but have no experience in working as a nurse... i got the license 3 years ago and some private things happened and i needed to t...
  2. I just took the nklex like 10minutes ago

    Well it's been 45 min and it does say successfull delivery and I did get the pop up but I feel like I failed.. All my friends say they got like 40% sata and I only got like maybe ten.. I felt that the nkex wasn't likening me.. I just don't know.
  3. Is it too early to check the pop up?
  4. When is my ATT coming?! :(

    Say if I have a bill in collection.. Will that prevent the Bon from approving me?.. I've been waiting for my ATt number.
  5. And preparing to take the state test.I want to focus on one book and would like if anyone can recommend it or maybe a program instead?Ill pay for the best there is to offer.I would have taking it earlier but our school for some reason took really lon...
  6. Just passed Nclex with 75q! Here's what happened

    What la charity book you guys speak of?
  7. ATTN NCLEX TAKERS: Only book you need...

    is this book anygood? Anyone familiar with it?
  8. i want to know what books to buy that will help me pass,.. im heading to the book store and i need to start studying asap... your help would be great:)
  9. New to Forum and Need Advice Please

    Im in the same boat your in
  10. Need nurses advice please!!

    ThAnks for the advice
  11. How much was your LPN/LVN school?

    Finacial aid
  12. How much was your LPN/LVN school?

    Mine is 15,000 thousand.. Gurnick
  13. Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts

    Christine2009... My concern on taking the pre req class is that in order for you to advance to the program you would have to pass the class at a 84%... if I don't have to take that class, that would be something I would like.. I would IM you or email...
  14. Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts

    I don't know if my last post made any sense but I have taken all the pre req classes required for the lvn in a adult class.. Would that mean I don't have to take the pre req course at gurnick??
  15. Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts

    Ok am somewhat confused.. When I went to visit I was told I had to take this pre req class regardless if I had taken the pre req classes in which I did.. How were u able to skip out on them?..