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missna4u's Latest Activity

  1. missna4u

    Has anyone done the WGU online RN to BSN program?

    Has anyone had an issue with jobs and their degree from WGU? Is it accepted without any issues?
  2. missna4u

    Officially tired and worn out from studying Nclex RN

  3. missna4u

    UWORLD?, NCLEX in a few days

    Did you pass, Jamielynn??
  4. missna4u

    Nursing in Netherlands!

    Hi there, did you find anything in your search?
  5. missna4u

    Gwinnett Medical Center Nurse Residency August 2014

    I also got an email yesterday. I didn't speak to anyone. I'm hoping their system is better because I'm travelling from Florida.
  6. missna4u

    i thought this will help to memorize lab values

    This is awesome!!!! Thank you
  7. missna4u

    A Word to New Nurses

    Thank you! I needed this
  8. missna4u

    Why are Nurses paid so low in the south ??

    South Florida is pretty rough. The cost of living is high and I hear the pay doesn't really match. Housing here is expensive
  9. missna4u

    When to apply????

    So, I'll be done with the ASN program in November. I was just wondering, would it be a good idea to start applying for jobs now? I would like to relocate and I'm keeping my options open. Just not sure if recruiters even look at students still.......
  10. missna4u

    Don't go into nursing school if_____

    Don't go into nursing school thinking "I'm gonna be an RN, only LPNs, PCAs, and CNAs clean patients, answer call bells, feed patients etc...."
  11. missna4u

    New Student, Not Sure Which Route to go?!?!

    Well I know CMC and Presby(Charlotte and surrounding areas) hires LPN. At CMC, they're called clinical assistants.
  12. missna4u

    Is rn foundations the same as lpn foundations?

    Hey Miiki, it was an ADN program and we also did caths and IM.....
  13. Hey all, I was enrolled in a RN program a few months ago and I didn't pass foundations. I still have my books and I wanted to know how similar or different is rn fundies to the lpn fundies? Can I use my old books to study? I just don't want to go too much off track....thanks in advance
  14. missna4u

    TEAS V Questions

    I did
  15. missna4u

    TEAS V Questions

    Thanks for posting the link Mr.Sensitivity
  16. missna4u

    Staying awake studying for nursing school

    This is how feel now.