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  1. Charting in patient rooms

    This became a "thing" at the hospital where I had my guest nursing job back in 2011. I worked on a busy ortho floor. Fortunately, I left shortly after. But I remember thinking it was absolutely ridiculous.
  2. Chicago RNs - info appreciated for experienced RN!

    Thank you for your reply! I have quite a few friends from Chicago and a sister who lives in the area, but I am hesitant to use their address as I think it would get tricky when I need to arrange interviews because I would need to fly and then I would...
  3. Hi all! I am a BSN prepared nurse with 3+ years experience (one year ortho, two years gen med/surg). I currently live and work in Minnesota at a very well known medical center. I am interested in moving back to Chicago (originally from suburbs), and ...
  4. Mayo clinic summer externship 2014

    You guys are going to love Summer III! I was a Summer III in 2010, came back to work at Mayo as an RN and am now a clinical coach. Maybe I'll be working with some of you this summer. We are excited for you to get here!
  5. Nursing school effect on life?

    Hello! As another poster mentioned, if you have good time management skills, you will easily be able to maintain a social life while in nursing school. I graduated in 2011 magna cum laude, and all four years of nursing school I worked 20-24 hours/wee...
  6. How is having a dog during nursing school?

    I adopted a seven week old lab mix puppy my senior year of nursing school. Looking back, I realize that if was probably not the best decision for her sake since I was very busy with school and I also worked 16 to 20 hrs per week. I was fortunate to h...
  7. Travel Nursing @ Mayo Clinic in MN?

    I have not heard of any floors that utilize travel or agency nurses at Mayo Rochester. None of the ones I have worked on at least...they might on the closed units such as OB but I'm not sure.
  8. RN Salary Survey 2013: Post here!

    1. Minnesota 2. 2.5 years experience 3. Med/Surg, large hospital 4. $32 base pay, $1.90 eve diff, unsure of night shift. $2.00 weekend diff 5. No OP.. I have to agree with your user name :)
  9. New TV Show- Nurse Nation on MTV

    Sounds good.
  10. If you live in Illinois, this one's for you...

    I moved out of IL almost a year ago, but was making a little over $22/hr working on a surgical floor in a hospital in central IL. So your rate of pay sounds about right for a new grad.
  11. New Grad to begin at Mayo in October

    I am not a new grad (one year experience), but will be moving there at the end of August to start work Sept 10 at St. Mary's :). I'm moving from Illinois. I did the Summer III program at Mayo in summer 2010, so am somewhat familiar with the area. Se...
  12. what items could you not go a nursing shift without?

    I work 3-11... water bottle (no coffee or I won't be able to sleep when I get home!), black and red pens, yellow highlighter, black sharpie, alcohol swabs, bandage scissors, and my chapstick.
  13. Back Pain.....Taking my life away

    I just started seeing a chiropractor this week for neck/back pain that has persisted despite pain pills, muscle relaxers, and heat/ice therapy. Hopefully chiropractic will work for me! As far as insurance goes, my insurance does not cover 1 cent of c...
  14. From a student, to, hospital floor nurses...

    I just graduated from nursing school in May, and now have students assigned to me. It is very different from the other side of the fence, being the nurse instead of the student. I am just off orientation, and still working on my time management, a...
  15. Is your health insurance affordable?

    Since I am not married and have no kids, but insurance is very affordable. It is about $120/month for health,vision, and dental, which I think is a very good deal. I still have to pay a small copay for office visits and for prescriptions, but it is...