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  1. I am still waiting for mine in the mail. I dont think that I will be getting in. I am currently taking nutrition, but I still need micro and the micro lab. I was taking it this semester also, but my professor was horrible so I had to drop my lecture which automatically drops you from lab. I didnt want to risk a bad grade so it was the only option I had. Good luck to everyone here.
  2. Rach1981

    Brookline college accelerated program

    Ok, so this is totally off topic (sorry). I think that I want to apply for this program, but for the new one that does not require the BA to start. I dont live in AZ. Are there alot of apartment communities around there that are nice that arent crazy expensive?
  3. Philosophy was a very hard class for me as well. Getting a "B" is good for that class. Dont worry about getting "B's" in those classes. BCC accepts "B's". You are stressing way to much. Now if you were getting a "C" then I would understand all the stress. Dont drop it unless you think your grade will drop lower. You are 1/2 way through. At this point in my "college career" I aim for "B's". I am so over trying to get all "A's". I want to have a life besides going to class and studying, b/c once I am in a nursing program I can kiss that social life goodbye. I guess I am not stressing as much b/c I dont think that I am going to be going to BCC... I think that I might be moving to AZ. and go to an accelerated school out there. That is a better opportunity for me. I will be my BA in 2 years rather then just my Associates. Good luck with the class. Keep your head up.
  4. I took it a few months back. I quickly reviewed with the actual TEAS V book from the website. I should have studied more, but I was overwhelmed with all the classes I was taking at the moment. I just passed... I got a 63. I was thinking about retaking it to get a better grade, but it is not needed. Good luck when you retake it.
  5. Rach1981

    Brookline College, accreditation??

    From what I heard it will be in the next year, year in a half. They said something about the first graduating class under the Brookline name. I dont live in that state and I am just getting info as I ask. But if you have any questions about the accredidation then just call the admissions office and see when they expect it to happen.
  6. I dont think that you will have a problem getting in once all your classes are done. When I called and spoke with them, they said that they first pick the students that have all the classes done (and the grades are good)... then they pick people with one class left to do... and so on. They really want you to be done with all your sciences. That is what they look at the most.... your grades in science. Since you will still have 2 science classes left (technically 4 with the labs) you are in the same boat as me. I have micro and nutrition left which I am taking in the fall. I am not getting my hopes up that I will be getting in, for that reason. I know they get hundreds of applications. I also know that your TEAS score doesnt matter as long as you just passed. When I went to the nursing meeting... they specifically said that you dont have to take the test 10 times. As long as you pass... you pass. They dont care your score. Just stay positive as best as you can. Dont put all your eggs in one basket. Look around to other schools (locally). If you are going to have to wait to start until 2013... you might as well go right for your BA. That is what I figured and started looking at schools. 4 year schools dont have any requirements as to what needs to be done. You just enter if accepted. Yes... it is more $$$ and takes longer, but chances are you will have to get your BA soon anyway. Good luck... I hope that you get in!!!
  7. The waiting game really sucks. I do have a feeling that I will get either waitlisted or wont get in. I do plan on reapplying in October if I still live here. There is a school in a different state that I am looking into that may be a possibility. I just dont want to not get into any schools... because that would really suck after all this.
  8. Rach1981

    Teas vs the hesi exam!!!

    So the book is different from the TEAS V book?
  9. Rach1981

    Teas vs the hesi exam!!!

    I was told that that there was going to be bio, a&p for the sciences. There was also going be a few different things in the english section and math. The good thing about the HESI A2, is that there will be no chemistry.. which I suck at. I really dont want to have to purchase another book. Do you suggest that I purchase a book for the HESI... and if so what book? How much was it? Thank you so much for all and any info. What did you get on the HESI (if you dont mind sharing)?
  10. Rach1981

    Teas vs the hesi exam!!!

    I actually took the TEAS V on a whim. I scored a 63% the first time. All I needed was a 60% for the one school that I applied to. That was a few months ago. Now I am told that I need to take the HESI for another school that I am looking into. I am a little worried about it. The reason I scored so low on the TEAS was b/c of the science... but now I have alot more science under my belt so I should be ok. I am worried about the math now. I havent looked over the stuff since the test. Should I be worried? I would love any insight on the HESI. Thanks!!!
  11. The final was a beast. I ended up with a B. I had A's on all the tests and then I got a C on the final. So that gave me a B. I was happy with a B... I didnt want to have to take the class again.
  12. PD.... I was just re-reading your post... did you take statistics? That is the one math that is mandatory. It is in the nursing brochure. If you havent taken it yet... I would register in the fall for it. It is not an easy class. One of the hardest I have taken yet.
  13. Oh... haha. I am going to wait to take the class. I want to get into BCC and then once I get the letter saying that I am in... I will take the class.
  14. Good luck with the CPR class. Its funny I took one when I was 12 too (for babysitting). It seemed so hard back then. haha
  15. Like I said before... I didnt think it was crazy hard. I thought the science section was the hardest. Which you should have no problem with since you already have taken so many classes before. The math is basic math. The english part, I heard from many people, that they thought it was difficult.... but overall it was pretty basic. I am thinking about retaking it just to satisfy myself. I know that now since I have so many sciences under my belt, I think that I can score higher. Let me know how you do when you are done. GOOD LUCK!