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    ABSN programs...need some advice

    hello! i have been reading these forums for a couple of days now trying to get some information on ABSN programs that i am interested in and wanted to hear from some people who have applied, accepted or denied, or applying right now, or even going to apply in the future. i am from california and i am willing to go anywhere to get into a nursing school. the main schools i was looking into for summer 2012 admission were University of Colorado-Denver, OHSU, NYU, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and University of St. Louis, MO. i have no prior nursing experience but i am really interested in becoming a nurse and need any advice on which are good schools to apply to! my cum GPA isn't the greatest, 3.3 and i haven't finished all my prereqs yet but i will probably have around a 3.6-3.7. please if anyone has any advice on how to strengthen my resume or which schools are slightly less competitive, if there are such schools , i would love to hear from you! thanks!